Armani Jeans shoes

Trendy spring and summer 2014 with Armani Jeans

Armani Jeans is a popular brand which is famous not only for their jeans but also for a lot of popular and trendy clothing items. They are ready for upcoming spring and summer. The brand presents a lot of interesting garments for women. You can add new fashionable garments and accessories by Armani in your wardrobes. Let’s have a look at their new collection, full of interesting trends, exciting models and color combinations.

Tops, sweaters and coats

Armani Jeans’s new collection includes different tops, sweaters for colder weather and a wide range of gorgeous coats for cool evenings.

Here are the latest trends for these clothing items:

  • Ladies will appreciate various tops and sweaters. These garments have simple lines or bold prints on them, stripes; these tops are patterned or of a solid color. Fashionable colors of upcoming hot season are red, white and black.
  • White is in trend again, as it has always been. Armani Jeans prepared for women white blouses and T-shirts. Some models have bright floral prints.
  • When it is a bit cooler during spring afternoons and evenings, you are invited to try cardigans and sweaters of the new Armani collection. Typically they have lvivid patterns or prints with burnout.
  • Summer collection proudly boasts trousers with floral prints on black background. Such vivid trousers is a bright and optimistic decision for summer days.
  • Jeans, the key element of the brand are fashionable all the time. Low rise models in bold bright colors are in trend during spring and summer 2014.
  • Bombers with contrast colors are in fashion, warm your up and add up to your stylish look.
  • An alternative for cooler days is a leather jacket, that possesses an interesting front closure with asymmetrical zip. It looks a bit aggressive but very sophisticated and chic.
  • You will feel warm and look trendy in a short beige trench coat made from cotton gabardine. Such coat is awesome for rainy days with colder weather.Women in Armani Jeans clothes

Dresses and accessories

This famous brand has created for ladies a number of stylish dresses completed with trendy scarfs and shoes.

  • Spring and summer is a right time for dresses. Every woman is happy to have some bright and fashionable models for summer walks. Armani’s collection also has a short black dress, known among fashion lovers as “petite robe noir” . It is really a chic must have. Armani’s dresses of the new warm season 2014 are usually two-tone, they have white contrast elements at the top.
  • The brand also presents short dresses that have blue and white stripes. Such navy looking dresses look simple and stylish.
  • Short dresses with bright prints of soft colors.
  • You might also be fascinated with fashionable dresses , combining blue and white colors. They have pleats on the front and a shirt collar.
  • Armani Jeans haven’t forgotten about scarfs. They help to complete your bright image. Great example of a new collection is a black one with white letters.
  • Armani’s shoes for spring and summer 2014 are high-heeled sandals with pyramid that combines white, fuchsia and blue colors.