Various ways of wearing shorts

Various ways of wearing shorts

There are so many various things that can be worn in hot summer days but the most popular are the shorts, the cutoffs. It seems a little of no-brainer to advice you how to wear them because of the universality. But, certainly, there are some trendy ways of combining fashionable pieces. We want to offer you some cutoffs-outfits ideas that will be on top this summer.

Rihanna likes various cut offs

Perfect backward skort

This is a brilliant combination of the shorts in the back and the skirt in the front. Try wearing them with a beautiful flannel shirt which is tied around the waist. You can choose shirts of various colours and prints, try layers that can make your outfit more playful.

Rough edges

To tell the truth, wonderful cut-up pairs of shorts are not suitable for the afternoon tea with family or boyfriends. But this fact makes these pieces perfect for the combination with feminine clothes. Ashley Madekwe makes her outfit perfect pairing the cutoffs with a lacy top and amazing ballet flats. She adds stylish cat-eye frames and a beautiful purse. And the look comes out sweet but rough at the same time.

Shorts and shoes with substance

Another way of wearing trendy shorts is choosing the right pair of shoes. The perfect one is the one, that has a bit of substance. Try various thick platforms, sneakers, flat sandals or even ankle boots à la Miranda Kerr. Of course here you should think about the balance – if your bottom is skimpy, the shoes are chunkier.

Switch up washes

We are sure you’ve got lots of denim separates. In summer 2014 you can mix them and make duo-toned looks. Combine dark and light washes to make the summertime version of the outfit. A tiny raw hem of the shorts keeps them polished.

Fashion people examples

Miroslava Duma advices to combine shorts with a light summer jacket to balance your shoulders and bottoms. Also she thinks that the insides of the shorts pockets should lay in squares and the hems should better be rolled up.

Think about monochrome outfit

Combine your bottom and top in the same colour like the look of Camilla Belle which is mostly consists of white colour. Add minimum accessories to make an accent to a monochrome shade.

Different cuts

It’s so wonderful that you can alter the length of the cutoff. Sometimes you can keep the inside pockets longer than your hem, sometimes the mid-thigh version is appropriate. Jennifer Hudson likes to make experiments with her outfits. So, choose the length you like and which is suitable for the given situation. Add beautiful accessories and be fashionable.

Beautiful tucks

Leotards and rolled-hem cutoffs are clever choice by Taylor Swift because it’s so difficult to have a perfect shirt stay into the waistband for all the day. Add some bright details to make such outfit bright and sunny.

Pretty shred IT cutoffs

Don’t be afraid of crazy trendy things. Make your shorts unique – toss them in the wash several times, mess up the hems or make other things you like. You can add some embroidery or cuts. Such piece will be ironically marvelous.

Think over different suiting

You can make your look more polished adding a tuxedo blazer to the outfit. Combine it with the printed slippers and statement accessories. Certainly the shorts and the footwear will still keep it casual, but the ensemble will be tailored and stylish.

Try various combinations using different accessories and shoes and you will look perfect every summer day.

Miranda Kerr wears denim cut-offs