Designer wedges

Wedges: to wear or not to wear?

The year 2014 puts the wedges on the place, that heels have been occupying for already a long time. However, does it mean that wedges replace stilettoes and become a part of business and evening attires? Well, no, they don’t do both, yet, the spring and summer collections presented a variety of comfortable and beautiful footwear without heels that we had already used to.

What are wedges?

Wedges is a type of heel, that doesn’t “concentrate” only beneath the back part of the foot, but goes narrowing and lowing to the toe. It is more comfortable, yet very sexy and feminine. Wedges can form unique seductive walk. They only have to match the size and style. It’s important to choose them according to the peculiarities of the feet of every woman. And it’s better not to overestimate oneself, as if wedges are going to be the first high heeled footwear, their height must be moderate.

Wedges can have different height and form. They can be very high and have a kind of waist, which turns them to almost and evening footwear. They also may look plain or take an “fantasy” country style when being wide and made from wood. By the way, materials can be very diverse, starting from wood and going to plastic or even glass. Of course, some models aren’t from the pret-a-porte collections and it’s impossible to wear them for a long rime. Well, beauty demands some sacrifice.

Shoes with wedges

One must not confuse wedges and platform. Shoes with the platform are raised evenly through the whole sole, while wedges still look like solid heels, leaving the toe lower. And, to be honest, wedges aren’t that heavy and look a lot more elegant.

What’s so comfortable about them?

Wedges are more stable and thus – more comfortable. Women who never tried heels before can start from wedges. They also can give a rest from tight and uncomfortable heels, especially desired in summer. This is a perfect footwear for the hot time of the year, actually. Wedges look great with light summer dresses and wide skirts of various length. And as they are broad enough they also provide a space for fantasy in design. It is possible to find wedges of any color, with images, patterns and embellishment.

Stilettoes are, of course, will always be the ideal footwear for the evening events. Wedges just can’t replace them. They also don’t blend well with business suits, especially with the pencil skirts. So what are wedges good for? They form perfect sets in casual style. Wear them with wide skirts, summer dresses and flared legged pants. Avoid combining wedges with pencil skirts, capris and skinny pants – this is heels’ territory for sure.