When should girls start wearing make-up

When should girls start wearing make-up

Make-up is an important part of a style of every female. And it is also controlled by fashion trends. Having vogue make-up is the same as having the limited collection vintage bag. No wonder girls crave for their mothers’ make-up kits and eagerly try to reproduce the fancy seen on catwalks and in fashion magazines. There are even brands that create such beauty stuff for kids, they have their own trends and tendencies. However, there is a burning question, that bothers every parent – should their kids use make-up at all or not? Let us try to solve the issue together.

Why do kids want to wear make-up

Girls get the image of femininity not only from their mothers, but from media. Rather often ads and shows transfer the thought that women need to become beautiful as if they are still not, that they need clothes, jewelry and make-up to be beautiful. In fact all this we use to establish our style and to send a word about our tastes and our mood. Young girls may not properly understand it and follow the fancy they see on the screen and on photos. They basically want to be beautiful.

Using make-up is a sign of becoming an adult for a girl. And an easy to achieve one – just pure joy without any duties. Children all want to have rights, but avoid responsibility. So when insisting on using a lipstick, girl just wants to look more adult in the eyes of her friends, schoolmates and family.

Girl wearing a lip gloss

Why do parent’s don’t want them to do it

There are two main fears parents have about their girls using make-up: health concerns and the inevitability of their children getting older. This is a good thought, that a girl, who’s skin is thin, gently and more often reacts with allergies should avoid heavy make-up. Parents should enlist the support of the doctors and explain their kids that concealer is not solving the issue of the oily teenager’s skin – it is only going to make it worse. And the brands that create make-up for children often present too tiny palettes.

The second issue is that parents aren’t always ready for the fact that their little girl became older and started to take interest in boys. However, there is also another side of the problem, when young girls tend to wear extremely bright and provocative make-up that makes them look older in the worst manner. This is the point, where mother should explain the goal of the make-up itself, difference between and day and evening looks and show some technics. The courses of make-up will help here, by the way.

Remember, that compromise is always the best solution – you better buy a transparent lip-gloss made from safe natural ingredients, than aggressively forbid everything.