Beach bags 2014

Beach bags 2014

Summer is a very hot season when people spend much time at the pool or at the seaside. Before lying in the sun lazily lounging and sunbathing there are lots of affairs you should get in order.

Beach totes

Important things you should check before beach bum days come

First of all think over a trendy and stylish bathing suit. We hope you’ll know all the cons and pros of the fashionable pieces and have made the best choice for your figure shape and your own style and fashionable preferences. The next thing you should think over is a sunscreen. Have you already prepared beautiful and comfortable beach towels? It’s time to do it. Trendy sunglasses and summer hair products are also the things you can’t spend a day without. Don’t forget about the good books. You’ll be able to read them lying on the beach. When all the essentials are prepared, you can think about the perfect beach bag. We have prepared a top of the trendiest summer bags of this season. You can choose any tote you like and it will for sure meet all your requirements and will be cute and very beautiful.

Trendy beach bags of summer 2014

  • Mesh totes. It’s so practical when instead of gathering at the bottom of the bag, the sand will slip through the fabric.
  • Woven plastic bags. There is so much space in it and you can put there all your summer essentials. Choose the ones of bright colours.
  • Bags in neon shades. One of the trendiest colours is neon yellow. It’s so bright and it won’t be difficult to find your tote on the sand.
  • Clear beach totes. A bag that is partially see-through is a wonderful choice. Let’s add some intrigue to our rest.
  • Beach bag printed in colour blocks. Colour-blocking is a trend of this season. So, you can look for the stylish one suitable for the beach.
  • Silicone bags. It doesn’t get soaked so when you put something into the tote, you can relax and not worry about the things.
  • Beach bags with nautical motifs. Such print is always on top in summer. You can look for various prints, like anchors or fish.
  • Totes made of straw. Such bags can be very comfortable and it’s certainly the perfect variant for going to the beach.
  • Geometric beach bags. Often such bags have a flat bottom. You can put the tote upright at the pool or in the sand.
  • Reversible beach totes. Look for the bags that are not only reversible but also can be machine washable. It very comfy and you can reverse your bag whenever you want.

There are so many variants of beach bags. Everybody can find on his taste. When you look for, choose bright colours and trendy prints and shapes.

Summer beach bags