Nice tips for chocolate look at Australian fashion week

Nice tips for chocolate look at Australian fashion week

Do you like chocolate? It’s so delicious. At Australian fashion week for spring and summer 2015 there were many interesting ideas. One of them was an incredible chocolate beauty look at the Jayson Brunsdon show. It was one of the most popular. Most of fashionistas have decided to use chocolate shades in their wardrobes even more. It is so sweet and delicate at the same time. It reminds about pleasant time and tasty cups of coffee with a piece of chocolate.

Chocolate look for every day

Perfect look for hot summer days

Certainly, it’s not 2015 now, but in summer 2014 this make up will be perfect too. It was made by Nicole Thompson. She is a professional and knows how to use different chocolate shades and a glossy finish to look gorgeous. Such look is a combination of various tones, monochromatic and shiny. It can be perfect for hot summer days and it will fit stylish women of good taste. Do you want to try it? We‘ll give you some pieces of advice, some tips and tricks by Nicole Thompson how to achieve such a dramatic look.

Prep of the skin

Every woman should know that the first thing she should do is to prep her skin. It’s one of the most important things to look beautiful. You can do it just using a suitable luminous make up primer. It will help you to make a perfect look.

How to make a perfect face

The next step is creating a healthy look using foundation. Sometimes there are some areas which still need coverage, like circles round your eyes. In this case you should use a concealer. It will help you to make your skin perfect looking.

Tips and tricks how to emphasize your eyes

To make a chocolate look, use shadow pencil like MAC Eye Kohl in Costa Riche. Then blend it through all the area up to the eyebrows. If you don’t have such an eye pencil, you can you appropriate eye shadows.

Make your eyes clear-cut with the help of black eyeliner pencil. You should apply it on the lower and upper waterlines. The next step is the applying of a coffee-shaded eyeliner over the black pencil. It can create a monochromic effect.

Eyebrows can make your day

It’s very important to make your brows ideal. Groom and define them. Use your eyebrow pencil to make them beautiful. But avoid excessiveness. Do it in soft strokes and your brows will look natural.

Peachy cheeks are very sexy

Some women think that they can avoid this step, but they are mistaken. Contouring of the face makes the whole look finished and adds drama. First of all, contour your cheeks with any sculpting powder with a brush. Then add some peachy colour on the apples of your cheek and blend it to make the look natural.

Lips are an amazing accent

Such make up should be finished with not very colourful lips. So, use your lip liner and a nude lipstick.

Certainly, this look is simple. But at the same time it’s full of drama and it’s very flexible. You can make it as an everyday look to the office and as a sweet inspiration for a night out.

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