Folk fashion of the Fall 2014

Folk fashion of the Fall 2014

Folk elements are the most fashionable tendencies of the autumn 2014. Incredible embroidery, various ethnic prints and textures are combined with modern silhouettes and cuts. Such combination can lead you to the fairy tale. Certainly it’s not an innovation – this trend has its traditions and history. But this year we can see the reimagined folk style which is mixed with contemporary details and modern makeup. There are certain folk elements which can make your look gorgeous.

Folk fairytale style fall 2014

Floral fancywork

The garments which are adorned with the beautiful embroidery look very feminine and amazing. They are the most beautiful elements of the folk fashion. To look trendy in the upcoming season, search clean silhouettes and dark fabrics with floral embroidery. Fancy work can be found on sheer pieces of clothes and light shawls in creamy shades. One of the fashion tendencies of this season is the combining heavy comfortable knitted things and amazing embroidered fabrics.


Another feature of upcoming season is abstract prints and rich tapestry. There are many various motifs, that’s why choose simple silhouettes. Look for the laid-back dresses and overcoats with hoods. You can wear them with knee-high boots or high heels. Also wear a fringed leather skit which can make you look sophisticated.

Various fur coats

In autumn the temperature is much colder and all of us want to wear warm layers. Wearing faux fur coat is a trendy tendency of the fall 2014. Also you can choose cozy shearling vests. Many designers have created different variants of such garments. To look stylish, remember some tips.

  • Don’t wear coats in monochrome tones. Look for earthen warm palette when searching the fur piece of clothes. You can wear it with vintage-inspired dresses or warm and comfortable cable sweaters.
  • Shearlings can be paired with chiffon dresses to build a gorgeous look.

Maxi cardigans and blanket overcoats

Cardigans are very comfortable garments. They can keep you warm in a cool weather. Pair them with ethnic printed dresses, the best choice is maxi dresses. Add golden accessories and you will look gorgeous. Blanket overcoats can make your whole look bohemian. Combine them with beautiful lace dresses and leather boots.

Beautiful accessories of folk style

They can infuse folk inspiration to your basic wardrobe. They can be embroidered handbags, high-heeled leather boots with golden details, various tassels, fringes and golden elements.

This year bohemian style is associated with folk fashion. That’s why there are some interpretations of this trend. Simple lines can be balanced with beautiful prints in neutral and light shades. Or you can search for the mixture of various colours and prints to create unique outfit. These both ways can lead to the trendy free-spirited and folk inspired looks. Choose any you like and be fashionable.

Fur details in Fall 2014