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How to be well-dressed at work

Sometimes people think that clothes for work should be dull and less chic than their day-off outfits. This thought is false. Every morning before starting your 9-to-5 you try less time for creating your look than on weekends or for important meetings. But why don’t do it always? You spend most of your weekday time at the office and you for sure should look gorgeous and stylish.

Office wear

Updating the entire closet is not necessary

It’s not easy to change all the clothes and you shouldn’t do it at all. Just add some little cool things that can help you to achieve the status of stylish coworker. You can buy a few beautiful punchy purses, elegant specs, stylish flats and fashionable florals. They will make you fell fresh. Sometimes it’s necessary to change something and we offer you several tips and tricks how to make your wardrobe chic.

Tips and tricks how to look gorgeous in office wear

  • In the early summer the weather is changeable, so combine your sleeveless dress with a magnificent blazer and trendy kitten-heels to make a polished look. If it is hot, you can at any time lose your jacket.
  • Ankle strap flats can be a wonderful addition to everything.
  • If you are going to lead a presentation or a meeting try a bright bold blazer, like cherry red or violet. It will certainly stand out among nude and pastel colours. You will be noticeable. If the sleeves are frayed, they will add some interest to your person.
  • Rachel Comey offers to wear relaxed-fit bermudas to the office. They can easily be accepted as a skirt and your coworkers will be surprised having learnt they are bermudas.
  • Please, avoid wearing any jumpsuits to the office. This piece isn’t suitable for your 9-to-5 day.
  • Think about a stylish tote. You can store there all your incidentals like magazines, pens and pencils, umbrellas and other things. It should be one of the top priority in your shopping plans.
  • As for the colours, think about pastel palette. Mint can be a good choice. Think about a mint tailored suit, that will add elegant elements to your look. Black-and-white pieces are very popular now. Clothes and accessories in black and white colours will look good and trendy.
  • Wear the wide-leg trousers, they are on the tops now. They can be very feminine and add some chic to your everyday look.
  • Look for various cheeky prints. They are funny and can raise your mood. In order to incorporate them to into the casual office wear keep the rest things toned down.
  • Don’t forget about the accessories. Even a small choker can make a day.
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