White look

How to wear white pieces

Summer has come and all the fashionistas wear light or bright clothes. White outfit is also very popular. But it’s not easy at all to wear all black. There are some tips and tricks how to wear white pieces to look stylish and luxurious.

Rihanna white outfit

Wear different textures

Sometimes monochromic looks are very boring. To add some interesting elements mix and match various textures. For example, you can pair white jeans with a beautiful white kimono.  Different materials, textures and styles will make your monochromic look sophisticated.

Match your white clothes

It’s unbelievable but there are so many different shades of white – snow white, ivory, winter white and many other tones.  And they often don’t work well together. So let your eyes judge. Mix various tones and before going out check your outfit. Look at your whole look in various lightning, in all the rooms (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, you can also go outside) and be sure that all the garments fit together. If one white shade is brighter. It can make the other dirty, so be mindful of them.

Add neutral pieces

The whole white look sometimes can be dull. Especially if your white outfit includes accessories, bags, nails and shoes. To make it a little brighter you can wear silver or nude shoes (they can be flats or high heels) and add similar accessories. Silver and nude act as neutral shades and they will help you to make a gorgeous monochromic white look.

The whole white outfit

Accessories will make the look finished

Every fashion lover should wear accessories. They can help us to feel ourselves special and to look great. And at the same time they can break all our attempts to look perfect. So you should think over the pieces that fill fit your outfit perfect. Choose boho necklaces to keep the whole look beachy. Look for the accessories to be the focal point of your incredible fashionable outfit.

Tan if you want to wear white garments

When people look sunkissed, white clothes really look perfect. You can get tan with the help of a spray tan. But do it a day or two before you are planning to wear all white. It will keep your clothes really white and your skin intact.

Don’t forget about the makeup and your hair

Wearing all white you should make the thing that will focus the eye. Go stylish and fun with bright makeup: use glitter metallic eyeliner, make berry lips and feel yourself perfect. Also you can make a neutral makeup to highlight your nature and to show how beautiful you are. As for the hair, there are so many variants. You can do a bun, a braid, various waves or what you want.

White outfit is very beautiful. But you should think over all the details to look brilliant.

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