Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes

Among various styles and fashion trends there are plenty of pieces and accessories which are really very universal and can be paired with plenty of clothing combinations. This for sure can be said about the mixing and creating vibes with the help of the Oxford shoes. You just have to mix your pieces in a right way.

Pastel Oxfords

Various looks can be created using Oxford shoes

Especially if you want to create an image of a stylish cool girl or an image of a “bandita”, they are your choice. Romantic feminine looks are also can be created using such shoes. Oxford shoes can be suitable for the people of all ages, for those who like comfort and beauty. As for the variants and shapes there are lots of flat and comfortable Oxfords as well as chic and feminine heels. Such shoes can be created with suede, lace, leather and textile. Sometimes you can meet perforation which also can make a range of different options.

Beautiful oxford shoes

The ways of combining Oxfords with other garments

  • Brown shades of Oxfords are the most popular. They can be worn for various business looks or in combinations with casual pieces. Brown is a neutral shade so it can match lots of various options.
  • Such pieces of the wardrobe as jeans and garments and can be paired with Oxford shoes making the casual style. Such looks are very comfortable and cool, you can combine them for the everyday wear.
  • Stripy patterns can make beautiful combinations with the Oxfords. This design solution is perfect for work. Match feminine shoes with stylish dresses or midi skirts. Use black, brown or white shades.
  • Looks with pencil skirts paired with beautiful Oxford shoes are very elegant and gorgeous. They are suitable for business meetings and presentations.
  • One of the most crazy and creative combinations seems to me a solution when the Oxfords pair with party dresses. Certainly, it’s very unusual bur at the same time it’s ultra-cool and effective. Choose glamorous and chic shoes to make such a look .you can wear golden ones or glowy berry leather shoes which are the mega trend now.
  • Another crazy pair is a short dress and bright Oxford shoes. It is not just an everyday look, it’s something more. You can make an accent at your personality and impress yourself with such a bold look.
  • The Oxford shoes are prefect for creating various retro looks. Try cuffed jeans or cropped pants to achieve the effect of retro styling. If you like flats you can pair Oxfords with dresses, sweaters or tunics.
  • Every look needs suitable accessories. In the case with the Oxford shoes avoid the overloading with details. It refers to different feathers and ruffles. Use light scarfs to make your look finished.

Oxford heels