Main neckline trend in 2014 reviewed

Main neckline trend in 2014 reviewed

The season has brought along many fashion elements. One of the fashion statements is a plunging neckline which can add some certain sex-appeal to your whole look. This cut becomes more and more approachable and you can wear it even for different daytime meetings. You can make your look more sensual just making minimal effort.

Amy Adams plunging necklines

The ways of wearing the plunging neckline to look stylish

If you want to wear pieces of clothes which have the plunging neckline you should think over two things: firstly, about your figure shape and of course, about the level of confidence. Certainly, the plunging neckline can look gorgeous, but to feel comfortable you should know some tips and tricks. First of all, before putting on such a garment, be sure that the cups of your dress or top are not tight in order to show your breasts in a to the best advantage. If you don’t want to show too much skin choose delicate plunging neckline and subtle lingerie which can peep out of the plunging top and make playful look. If you want the deep and sexy V neckline you should know that it looks appropriate for the modest chests with cups less than C. Use double-stick tape and you will avoid any accidents. The rest pieces of your fabulous look should be subdued, not to make your look too flaunting. Instead of high heels finish your look with appropriate flats in order to keep your garments from looking over-the-top sexy.

Feminine soft style

It’s another way of combining the deep plunging neckline and lightweight fabrics, feminine silhouettes and delicate shades. Look for long beautiful dresses of various pastel shades with floral or psychedelic prints. Also choose sheer or lace pieces but avoid the head-to-toe use of transparency. Pair your look with beautiful minimalist heels to make your look finished.

Masculine tailoring

Such outfit is sophisticated and cool. You should wear it without anything underneath to look slicker and more dramatic. Look for luxe tailored blazers, pants and various stylish pants in bold colours.

Structured dresses with plunging neckline

If you don’t like the menswear influences you can try structured dresses. Before choosing make sure that the lines of the dress are clean and slightly relaxed. Any decorations should be minimal. To finish the look you should wear chic sandals and subdue make up.

Various unbuttoned shirts

If you want to make such an outfit, you should follow our tips and tricks. Look for the shirts of black and white tones. When wearing it, go braless for a chic and smooth look. Pair it with tailored shorts or short skirts. Finish your look with high heels and stylish accessories.

From daytime till night

In 2014 the plunging neckline in various silhouettes can be worn from morning to night, while not long ago it was the synonym of night glamour and stylishness. For the daytime wear short dresses with big bags and casual flats. At night wear pleated dresses, add stylish accessories and high heels.

An actress wearing a dress with plunging neckline