Printed trousers

Printed legwear of the summer 2014

Colourful and printed pieces of clothes have dominated for several season. Summer 2014 is not an exception. Menswear becomes brighter and more fashionable. We can see different prints like florals and stripes, various colourful patterns in shirts and tees. Even accessories and blazers become more noticeable. Modern fashion lover wears pieces that can help him to mark put of the crowd. In summer 2014 designers have decided to go further and to apply lots of various motifs to the shorts and trousers. For sure, such trend is for confident men, who want to look stylish and fashionable.

Floral prints

On the runway shows

Trousers with various prints were prominent on the runways across fashion weeks. They were shown in the collections by many designers. Ami and Tom Ford applied florals, the hottest print of SS2014, to their collection of legwear in purple, red, yellow and blue shades.

Valentino and Gucci have used silver, black and grey shades in their collections, to add gothic feel to their printed trousers. These subtle tones can be appropriate for a wide audience of fashionistas.

Various forms of animal prints were popular among many fashion designers. Michael Bastian has created leopard print trousers in bright shades – blue/grey and red/pink. Saint Laurent has added zebra print pair of trousers to his collection.

Check patterns are also very popular. Comme Des Garçons and Vivienne Westwood added them to the collections of legwear. Vivienne Westwood also has created a wonderful pair of tailored trousers with interesting print – it’s orange and grey stripe details. They can be a wonderful addition to any fashion wardrobe.

Ami also created wonderful trousers with camouflage print in traditional green and brown colours. Valentino has added beautiful scenes of wildlife, trees and leaves in blue and red shades to the beige trousers.

Michael Bastian has shown amazing white trousers with pineapple motif. They are so fun and fruity.

Bright printed trousers

Printed legwear in the modern life

Everyone can say that the printed trousers are the most adventurous trend of the summer season. We can see different prints in the lookbooks and campaigns of various fashion brands. “Fashion Beans” has published “how-to-wear” guide about printed trousers. The main pieces to combine are neutral tops, linen blazers, various shirts and polos.

And what do you think about this trend? Are you ready to wear these pieces? What is your favourite colour combination?