Skin care

Steps to the beautiful skin

There are several diverse contributing factors that influence our look and can damage our beauty and make our skin not glowing and smooth. Pollution and age is not good for the epidermis at all. But except these things our bad habits cause big problems like uneven tone and aging. Let’s speak about the top reasons that make your skin look not at its best.

A good or poor diet

The first reason is stress

This is one of the main cause of the skin problems. A popular facialist Ildi Pekar says that almost all the fine lines are caused by the stress. Wrinkles on the face, around the eyes, on the forehead are the signs of various stresses. Pekar advises all the fashionistas to use different creams; aromatherapy and face massage which can relax all the muscles on your face.

The second reason is lack of sleep

If you don’t sleep at least from seven to eight hours be ready that your skin will look dull and dry, that can lead to the premature aging. Dark circles around the eyes also appear because the lack of sleep. All the skin cells renew at night, so you should think about your rest.

The third reason is your poor diet

You should nourish your body with necessary minerals and vitamins to have a beautiful skin. If to drink alcohol, your skin will be full of various fine lines and wrinkles because of the dehydration. They will appear as the vertical line between the eyes. Also the signs of the puffiness of the skin can appear because of the lack of water, salty and fries food and coffee. What to do to improve such situation? First of all, you should drink more water, eat lots of colourful vegetables and follow a good diet. These steps can help you keep your skin glowing and hydrated.

The forth reason is the pollution

Certainly it’s impossible to control the pollution the way like you can do it with your diet or water. Toxins and other factors can make the skin look dull and irritated. So, to protect it clean your skin thoroughly every morning and evening, often exfoliate it and use various products with SPF that can moisturize and protect your skin from different factors.

The fifth reason is using bad or wrong products

Sometimes you use wrong products that can contain very bad chemicals which can ruin your skin cells. That’s why your skin may look irritated with lots of red spots. Try choosing organic products where all the ingredients are also very effective though they are a lot lighter.

 In order to look gorgeous and fashionable, you should control not only your outfit, but also your skin state and the whole look. The skin can tell everyone about your bad habits and even your diseases. You should know the main factors that can influence your health and beauty in a bad way. To change the situation follow our advices and be beautiful.

Lack of rest