Summer layers

Summer layers when the nights are cold

Although the hottest season has come, the nights are not still very warm.  When the temperature was lower (in winter and spring) we wore warm coats or puffy jackets, but in summer they are not suitable. During the day you wear crop tops, shorts or sheer skirts, sandals or flats. But when the sun sets down and the night comes everyone want something warm like a cozy sweater, light jacket or, finally, a blanket.

A summer blazer

Layering up is a good idea

The problem is that you can’t leave the layers behind. Certainly, there is a good news for the fashionistas. You can wear just a light trendy topper and not to change your hot weather style.  Layers are wonderful ideas. They can make the process of creating fashion outfits more exciting. You should think over all the possible weather conditions in order to be ready for a hot day and a cool windy night. Combine your feminine flirty summer dresses and trendy denim cut offs.  And you’ll look wonderful at any situation even if the weather changes. What about other outfits? Do you have any ideas? If you don’t, we will give you some.

The ways of layering pieces

  1. Look for a denim blouse, like the beautiful two-toned version from Asos. It’s such an amazing garment. You can toss it over your sundress and you will look stylish and feminine. Also you can combine the denim blouse with printed shorts and bright top.
  2. If you want to add some casual elements, opt for a leather jacket. Such a hefty jacket you can wear with flowery summer pieces of wardrobe. Add beautiful accessories, stylish haircut and conquer the world. Try a leather jacket by free people.
  3. A wonderful light jersey blazer is a good choice for a cold night. Winter blazers are heavy and warm. They are quite different from spring and summer ones. For summer you need free-flawing materials and beautiful trendy prints. Look for jersey jacket by HM. Polka dot print is on-trend now. You can pair it with shorts and a t-shirt.
  4. Another perfect variant is a luxurious sweatshirt. Choose sweatshirts of neutral shades decorated with crystals or other gems. The grey version of the stretch-cotton sweatshirt by net-a-porter will look wonderful. It will go with absolutely everything.
  5. When the weather is really cold you can wear a pullover or a sweater. It’s very cozy but at the same time it’s so thin that you can put it into your tote bag. Look for a slouchy cut, it can help you to make a perfect look with anything you wear. One of the examples is a striped sweater by forever 21.

As you see there are lots of different variants to feel comfortable even in the early summer nights. Soon the nights also will be warm and you should think about these clothes.

A leather jacket