The ways of wearing shorts this summer

The ways of wearing shorts this summer

It’s very difficult to say something new about shorts. And, of course, nobody get excited about them. They are just one of the basic things when the weather is hot. But there are so many ways of making this piece trendy and fashionable. Various lengths, materials and combinations can make the shirts your favourite pieces of clothes. We want to tell you some tips and tricks how to look stylish wearing shorts.

Summer shorts

Wear track silhouette

This season the sportswear is not only for the gym. So wear track shorts with elastic waist for the dinner party. Pair them with a textured bright top. Such look is on-trend this summer.

Bring your shorts down

Such trick can help you to replace trousers in a hot weather. You can wear such outfit to the office or to any presentation. Long shorts will make you look cool.

Combine lace bottom and lace top

All like whole white looks. They are very delicate and stylish. Lace details make the shorts and the tops sophisticated. You can wear such outfit to any event and feel comfortable from morning till night.

Low-waisted shorts

Summer 2014 is the season of crop tops. And high-waisted shorts will be the most wearable pairing of the garment. To be stylish wear these pieces other way. Combine tees with low-slung shorts .

The bottom should talk

Usually tops are the most noticeable parts of the outfit. We choose bright and beautiful tees or blouses and at the same time we forget about the bottom. Usually it’s neutral. So try changing your mind. Look for bright printed shorts to look trendy this summer. The rest of the look should be neutral or monochromic.

Combine various shades and styles : soft with rock

If you want to look trendy, try mixing a rocker tee and sweet shorts. Such combination works well this summer.

Jeans can be a versatile outfit

On Friday wear a long-length pair of denim cutoffs to spend the day anywhere from the office to the beach. Pair them with a tailored top to make the look less casual. Add heels and a stylish blazer.

Short suit is a wonderful idea

When the temperature is high it’s very difficult to feel comfortable wearing office pants or dresses. There are lots of stylish office suits that have a silhouette appropriate for the office wearing. So you can choose the suit you prefer.

Jorts can be not only blue

Jeans shorts can be worn everywhere because of their universality. So you need a pair of them for sure. Look for fashionable various patterned prints like floral on floral to achieve a playful effect.

Details of DIY

Have you ever dreamt about being a fashionable designer? The time has come. You can add DIY details and different splatters to you khaki shorts to make them unique and to look wonderful and stylish wearing them.

Lace shorts