The ways of wearing sneakers

The ways of wearing sneakers

We don’t know the reason, but all women, for sure, decided that the pain is very cool and there is no style and beauty without painful feelings.  Fortunately it’s completely unnecessary. High heels like 5-inch stilettos are suitable only for some special occasions. To look beautiful you shouldn’t always wear such footwear. If you want to feel yourself comfortable in any situation we want to tell you some tips and tricks how to combine style and comfort.  

Tutu and sneakers

Sneakers are universal footwear

Designers have created wonderful stylish sneakers which we can wear for different events. Yes, we are not mistaken – sneakers which we usually wear when we go to the gym, become more and more popular among famous fashion designers like Karl Laregfeld (who created footwear on Chanel’s spring runway show) and Isabel Marant (who combines sneakers with most of outfits).

A long dress and sneakers

Ideas of combining sneakers

If you want to look presentable but at the same time you are tired of the heels we want to give you some outfit ideas of combining sneakers with other pieces of the wardrobe.

  1. If you want to look stylish and cool try wearing sneakers with unexpected pieces – for example, with a tutu. It’s such a surprising combination! But it really works! The main trick is in the mixture of colours. Let the outfit be of neutral shades and the accessories should pop.
  2. Pair fancy sneakers with an equally fancy outfit. To tell the truth, nobody could think that one day Chanel would create designers sneakers and would show them on the haute couture runway show. But it has happened. There are different versions in transparent lace and tweed. You can really wear your statement sneakers for the evening party. Just combine them with your gorgeous evening outfit like Kristen Stewart has done.
  3. Another variant of fashionable outfit is combining black mini dress and high-tops. It can add a sexy element to the sneakers. Poppy Delevingne created her fabulous outfit in such a way. If you are a cool stylish girl, it’s a perfect look for a date. You will be very noticeable and stylish.
  4. You can transform your ladylike outfit into cool and sporty just adding a pair of sneakers. Wear chic white dress and blue sneakers. This combination will be very fashionable with the elements of cool minimalism.
  5. Also you can add brightness to the whole outfit with the neon sneakers. It will look especially wonderful with the neutral, black or white colours,

You can mix different shades and search for your own combination. Create various mixtures, styles and be fashionable.

Chanel : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture S/S 2014