Tip and tricks for summer shopping

Summer is the season when everyone feels himself wonderful. It’s time for pleasure. You can swim, walk along the city, travel or just feel the breeze on the beach. Also the summer is the season when people begin to buy lots of various things. These can be new outfits or accessories. Nobody can tell you why it happens. Maybe in summer people want to be especially fashionable, or they just want to look fresh, but it’s really so. Before buying lots of new things, remember our summer fashion tips and tricks. They will help you to make the right choice.

A girl is going shopping

The right size of summer shoes

One of the main tip is to buy shoes or sandals for summer a half-size larger than you usually wear. You should do it because of the fact that our feet often swell in summer. As for the fabrics, choose canvas, leather or suede. They usually stretch and it will be comfortable to wear them. If you look for inexpensive materials like plastic or faux-leather, choose the shoes a full size up.

Think about the fabrics

One of the most importing thing when choosing a comfortable outfit for hot summer days, is breathable fabrics. Unfortunately, most of merchandise from various high- street stores are created from poly-blends. So, to feel yourself perfect you should think about the material. Light cotton, supima or pima are the best. They can absorb perspiration and then releases it quickly. Also think about linen. It’s an ideal material for summer – light and breathable. Another summer fabric is silk. It’s very beautiful, pleasant and cooling. One tip about the silk pieces – they should be washed frequently, especially if you sweat.

A woman with several shopping bags

Add a new life to your old clothes

Tailors can help you to make your old outfits fresh and unique. A tailor can easily transform all the garments you don’t like, creating totally different things. For example a long maxi skirt can be made into a playful cute mini, pants that you don’t want to wear can become wonderful shorts. Trendy piece of summer is a crop top. You can take your old t-shirt to your tailor in order to make a perfect fashionable thing. You can wear it with high waist shorts or pants.

Think about your makeup

The heat is incredible. There are some ways that can help you to keep your makeup from melting. Try to make a trick. Freeze a Zip-Loc freezer bag at night and then put there your cosmetic you take to the office (like a lipstick, a powder). Such way can save your products in a cool place till you get to your work. Also there are various bags for make-up that can have integrated coolant system. It’s very convenient for those people who are going to spend outside the whole day.

Resort Summer Shopping