Loungewear in the runways

Tips and tricks how to look chic wearing loungewear

This year feeling of comfort is very fashionable. It can be seen in many things like clothes, accessories, footwear. Loungewear is becoming trendy pieces of clothes and not only in the bedroom. Designers mix various styles with comfort, add stylish accessories and make their own outfits. We want to give you some pieces of advice how to look chic and stylish but not like a big sack of potatoes when wearing comfortable loungewear.

Loungewear by Alexander Wang SS14

Think about proper proportions

Certainly while wearing baggy clothes, you will feel comfort. But when everything is loose all over the silhouette is not beautiful. So, think about proportions. If the top is loose, the bottom should be tight and vice-versa. Materials can be relaxing but they should fit your figure. Good proportions can make your look fabulous and stylish.

The shoes should be kept cute

In this case you should avoid casual shoes or you will look like you go for a midnight snack. Avoid sneakers, Uggs, flip flops and similar footwear. You should look chic wearing the loungewear, it’s the clue. Choose bright sandals or coloured gladiators. Also you can look for beautiful flats, they work well, too. Avoid footwear that looks similar to slippers, in order to make look cuter.

Add accessories and bling

If you think that your outfit looks very casual and plain think about stylish accessories and adornments. You will see the difference. Choose sweatshirts with rhinestone necklace on top. Such trick always works. Think about keeping some jewelry in your bag. It can help you to make a stylish look in different situations. You can change your jewels when you don’t like your look.

Prints can make your day

Printed tops, trousers, separates are very trendy. Don’t be afraid of various patterns. They can catch everyone’s eyes and the whole look will be marvelous. Prints are very fashionable now. You can wear a printed kimono with short denim shorts and a beautiful tee or incredible pants with a crop top. Make experiments and search for various prints and cuts.

Don’t forget about your makeup and hair

Wearing loungewear doesn’t mean that you should skimp on your hair and makeup. That isn’t so. Beautiful makeup can help you to look gorgeous even dressed in comfortable clothes. You can try romantic makeup with sheer clothes and do wonderful waves and red lips with sweats.

Combine unexpected things

Sometimes pieces that we don’t feel “put together” can surprise us and make wonderful ensembles. For example you can pair sweats and a leather jacket or a blazer. Also you can try wearing a flannel shirt. Add a clutch or a scarf, to make the look dressier.

A comfortable dress