summer hat

Stylish hats of summer 2014

Summer has already come and the sun shines very brightly. There are lots of summer garments that you choose every year to be beautiful and fashionable like swimming suits, light linen pants, summer dresses and sandals. But we want to speak about trendy summer hats.

Summer baseball cap

It’s very important to shield your head from the sun rays and to look stylish and elegant. We want to offer you the trendiest variants of this accessory to feel good. If you want to find your perfect hat that will be good with all your summer outfits, follow our tips and tricks.

Safari Baseball cap

It’s very modern in style and wonderful for summer beach days. You can do all your summer activities wearing this cap. Usually it’s made of summer friendly materials, like cotton or straws. Choose light colours.

Floppy sun hat

Classic hat with a bold twist is very statement. It’s suitable for various events like a dinner party or even a wedding. You should remember that the whole outfit should be fancy too. Such hat will shade your head and face from the harmful sun rays.

Bucket hat

Look for unique garments like Wanda Nylon hat. It’s unusual and that’s why it catches eyes of everybody. It’s futuristic and it looks very fashionable and stylish. At the same time such hat can be a perfect sun protector. You can wear it with a beautiful bikini and neon-coloured sandals to make the whole look finished.

A summer hat

Patterned straw hat

You can pair it with a little black dress or a simple bold summer outfit. Such bohemian look is perfect for walking along the streets of a beautiful tropical island.

Sun visor

This garment certainly can’t save your head but it will shield the face. It’s perfect for a windy summer day in a boat on the water. Combine it with a beautiful pair of sandals to make your look more resort-like.

Canvas sun hat

It’s forest hiking or safari trip inspired. This hat can add some casual elements to your style and your outfits.

Wide-brimmed sun hat

Such type of hats is really inspired by menswear. Masculine structure will look perfect with a gorgeous feminine black dress. Also you can pair it with a beautiful skirt and a crop top. Mix feminine and masculine elements to create an incredible look.

As you see there are so many fabulous on-trendy hats this summer. You can choose whatever you want. Just think about your preferences and the events where these hats will be worn. Add beautiful accessories to make your look finished and have wonderful time.

Beautiful feminine hat