bright summer shoes

Unexpected bright men’s shoes

Spring and summer season 2014 in men’s fashion is so colourful like never before. Men’s footwear can be of different bold shades and prints. From casual to formal styles, the colours vary from basic black and tan to bright orange, canary yellow, burgundy, green and cobalt. Also you can meet various mixes of bright shades.

Car shoes of bright colours

Let’s look through some partial treads to know the main trends of this season

Loafers and slip-ons

This comfortable car footwear, ideal for warm months, has changed its palette to bright and energetic colours. Perfect for the summer outfit they can add a summer feeling to the entire look, they can be worn with everything from chinos and stylish tees to trendy shorts and casual shirts. Try sunshine-yellow Zara’s loafers to raise your mood and to put summer feeling to your life.

Deck shoes are also very popular. They remind us about maritime silhouettes. This season they have appeared in two –tone designs or also you can meet variations with block-colour hues. Do you want to opt for pastel pink shoes by River Island? They look really cool.

Espadrilles are the fundamental shoes for summer 2014. Traditionally they are made with canvas and rope, this season they are made of various gorgeous luxe materials of bright and vivid tones. You can meet these wonderful shoes created of leather and suede but in lightweight version. Toms’ espadrilles can be perfect for the weekends on the beach or in the park.



Certainly these shoes are rather traditional. But sometimes they are also influenced by the pop-colour tendencies. Oxford shoes are one of the most popular silhouettes for the city dwellers. In spring and summer 2014 there are lots of warm tones as well as bright and vivid colours. Look for Oliver Sweeney’s Hakeston lace-ups and pair them with check trousers and a snow-white shirt to make your look perfect.

Derby shoes can be worn with chinos or other casual clothes. They are less formal. They can be met in smooth leathers or soft suedes. You can wear them also with invisible socks and tailored shorts. Look for Ami’s Derbies with wonderful light blue suede upper. You can pair them with shorts and tees or chinos and shirts.

SS2014 lace-ups


They are much more than just the traditional running shoes. They can be of various shades and colour blocks. Lots of brands create different trendy designs of this comfortable footwear. Converse, for example, designed peppermint green and canary yellow trainers to make your look brighter in summer months. Trainers can be casual, sporty and even formal. Certainly, it’s seems unbelievable, but if to combine the right trainers with tailored shorts and to add accessories you can have a stylish, fresh and modern formal look.

Multicoloured trainers