Ankle booties in summer

Ankle booties as a summertime footwear

We all love wonderful sunny summer days. But, unfortunately, only one month has left till the autumn comes. The shops begin selling wonderful new collections of famous brands for the upcoming season. Lots of fashion lovers certainly buy wonderful pieces of clothes and footwear. For sure, new items are fresh and stylish, the designers take into account all the new fashion tendencies. That’s why nobody wants to wait for a couple of months till the time to wear the new pieces comes.

All-white look pairing with the black boories and a black clutch

Black ankle boots are suitable for summer looks

One of the trendiest things of the upcoming autumn is the black ankle booties. When the days are very hot, this footwear certainly can’t be worn. But in the evenings the temperature falls down and you can create your own summertime looks using ankle boots. These shoes are very universal that’s why even in summer they can be appropriate.

Black and white outfits

This classic combination is always perfect. Wear a snow white top and a pair of white jeans. All-white look is on top this summer. Add a gorgeous black clutch and trendy black bootie to create a sleek summertime look. In spite of the black colour the outfit remains fresh and light. If you hesitate about such contrast combination of shades, opt for brown, cognac or chocolate versions of the bag and booties. Choose combinations you like. Add accessories and beautiful makeup to look stylish.

Summertime dress

When autumn comes the girls often wear ankle booties with the tights and dresses. Such look is very girlish and playful. On summer evenings wear such boots with bare legs and wonderful lightweight summertime dresses. Combine this outfit with a denim jacket which is so trendy this season. To create a perfect summer look, opt for grey or brown ankle boots. They will help make your outfit look fresh and light.

Summertime look with various layers

Layering can make any piece of clothes look different. In summer lightweight layers are used to create new and fresh looks. Graphic tees are perfect in the combination with the cargo or denim vest. Wear an appropriate pair of the ripped jeans or stylish cut-off and finish the look with trendy ankle booties. You can create your own layers having chosen the items you prefer.

As you see booties can be worn not only when the temperature is low. The universality of this footwear makes it fresh at any weather. Combine your favourite pieces, add accessories and be beautiful.

A summery dress and booties