Printed culottes

Culottes are a new trend of summer 2014

 Summertime is always rich in trends and various fashion tendencies. Culottes are very good-looking, but not easy at all. Fashionistas used to wear skinny pants and jeans. Culottes are flattering. They have something from the early 2000s when stretchy gauchos were very popular. But now they look a little different. They have the elements of luxurious gowns from the runways. Culottes look gorgeous. IT-girls and glossy editorials prefer these pieces of clothes to others.

Multicoloured culottes

Culottes can be the base of stylish looks

These wide-legged pieces look like something average between cropped pants and skirts. They are so comfortable and can become your favourite pair of pants. If to look at them it seems that the cropped cut can make your body shorter, but this feeling disappears when put them on. They look like a beautiful midi skirt. You can combine stylish outfits which will elongate your legs wearing these skirt-like pants.

Culottes on the runways for SS2014

Various women opinions about wearing these pieces

  • Annie Greenberg, the style editor, thinks that the culottes are very airy (that is perfect on a hot day) and stylish. You can combine them with a trendy crop top, statement high heels and add a luxurious clutch. This is one of the favourite looks for going out for a night club.
  • Larissa Green likes tomboy culottes. They have a wide bottom which can add extra curve to the body frame. Culottes look like A-line skirts and they are rather feminine. But the tomboy ones are very sporty. They have many athletic details like racing stripes or drawstrings. They are really must-haves. Larissa thinks that these pants make her stubby and short body longer and slimmer. They are very lightweight, which is perfect for the summertime.
  • Kelsey Miller, a writer, has chosen the culottes with high waist. She has paired it with wonderful heels and a striped tee. She says these pants are fabulous. They are very stylish, comfortable and breezy. These pieces can be the favourite one for the summer.
  • Emily Holland likes all the variations of culottes. They are very comfortable and can be worn to any event. Emily works as a styling director and for the important meeting she has worn stylish white leather culottes. The material is very unexpected. But they look wonderful pairing with a gorgeous fringed top and luxurious heels.
  • Chloe Daley is a vintage lover. The patterned culottes seem so pretty and bright. Chloe has created a wonderful over-sized outfit with structured pieces of clothes. Notwithstanding the vintage elements, the whole look is very modern.

The culottes can be very different. They are the basic items of many looks. Add a cute top, beautiful accessories, appropriate footwear and be beautiful.


White culottes on the catwalks