Passive Juice Motel outfit

Cute children clothes by different brands

When we think about children’s clothes we should take into consideration all the needs of the kids. Remember your childhood – the happy moments were when you wore comfortable and stylish garments. The clothes which were not cozy and cute don’t give rise to our memories. Even if we look at them now and feel some nostalgia, we are glad that they don’t fit us anymore. The children of nowadays are very different and the clothes should be different, too. That’s why we should offer them many various choices – different materials, styles and brands. Let’s speak about some of the cutest brands for little children to create wonderful adorable looks.

The girls wearing Quinn + Fox tops

Mini Rodini

This brand appeals the children to develop their imagination. Cassandra Rhodin, a Swedish artist who likes to make various illustrations, has created a wonderful collection that can show the children that everything is possible. The collection has turned out so cute and amazing.

Brother Vellies

This shoes brand creates wonderful hand-made footwear that comes both in kid and adult versions. They look great and can be a good choice for creating a family look.


These are wonderful pieces of clothes by couture for the adventure lovers and curious artists.


This company creates cute ensembles which are made of prima cotton. The children will look cute in the adorable pieces of Barcelona-based company.

TinyCottons romper


The clothes of this Los Angeles-based company are so comfortable and charming. Your children will certainly love the funny prints of the new collection.

Passive Juice Motel

These tiny clothes are so lovely. Choose your favourite music lyric as a print on the tees. The children for sure will love the new collection.


Footwear of this brand will be the most wanted among your children’s shoes. Adorable models and fresh prints will make your children look so cute.

Mini Boden

The London-based company creates incredible clothes. Children will be happy to have the rompers, tops and beautiful dresses with funny applications. They are very cute and comfortable.

The Mini Classy

The new fashion collection of this brand is for the people who likes different styles and trends. You can combine wonderful tees with their harem pants which are on top now to look cool and stylish.

Certainly this is only a little part of the fashion brands that create cool and cute collections for our little children. You can make your own top list. Just don’t forget not only about the beauty but also about the comfort and the children’s wishes.

The Mini Classy look