Valentino Couture Collection Fall 2014

Designers’ dresses from Couture Fashion Week

What is the rarest purchase in fashion? For sure it’s a luxurious piece from couture collection. Little fashionistas will ever buy a custom-crafted dress by such designers like Dior or Armani. But sometimes you want to feel yourself like a queen and to wear a jaw-dropping dress. Let’s speak about the most stunning dresses which will make the next season from Couture Fashion Week for the Fall 2014. They all are incredible, made with gorgeous materials with lots of hand embroidery. Women wearing them look like they are on the red carpet or on the ball.

Armani Prive gown Fall 2014

Alexis Mabille

Her dress is very feminine and at the same time it’s not very pretentious. To tell the truth it’s difficult to achieve especially if there are some tiers of lightweight fabric and bias cut.


Such couture dress combines feminine piece with the metallic armor. This creation is made for a strong woman who likes biking, structural clothes and the bright shine of metal.

Christian Dior

This garment is full of romantics and beauty. The material seems lighter than air – it’s sheer a little that adds imponderability to the whole outfit. The off-shoulder bodice which reminds the silhouette of sporty tanks and a lightweight skirt make the incredible look.

Armani Prive

It’s a wonderful gown. Different effects achieve according to the angle looking. In front you see a black satin dress with mystic elements. If to look at it from the side it seems lit by millions of little fireflies. It’s so unusual and luxurious.

Ellie Saab gown Fall 2014

Maison Martin Margiela

This dress is so flowery. It seems that it is made of irises. Maison Martin Margiela likes making such wondering pieces. Remember the dress which was made with the help of money.

Ellie Saab

This breathtaking gown with floral prints and cloud-like bottom can make any figure look perfect.


The classic gown with pigeons print will be popular among New York dwellers. Modern cut and familiar print can make this classic gown fresh and unique.

Ulyana Sergeenko

She has combined two styles in this incredible outfit. A sporty top decorated luxurious embroidery looks gorgeous. A grey long skirt which is made of expensive materials makes this look amazing.


This sheer dress which is made of organza and decorated with embroidered wheat-sheaf is so stunning. In the combination with high-lacing sandals the outfit will attract everyone’s attention.

Atelier Versace

This beautiful long satin dress by Donatella Versace is made of luxurious materials and can make you feel lie on the red carpet.

All the outfits are unique and certainly they are not for everyday wearing. But for special events they are the best.

Chanel outfit for the Fall 2014