Audrey Hepburn's makeup

Fashion icons and their tips

Sometimes we all need some pieces of advice. For example, if the implication of the word is unknown for us, we learn it from various thesauruses and dictionaries. If we get cold and need an advice we go to the doctor and ask him about our disease and about the medical treatment. And if you have no idea what to wear or what is on-trend?

Victoria Beckham high heels

Who can help to make the trendy look?

Certainly one of the decisions is to watch fashion shows of famous designers, to read fashion blogs and magazines. But sometimes people don’t have enough time to look for the information in the internet or to inspire with the pieces of clothes to create the whole outfit. In this case you can look at the outfits of the most iconic dressers and to inspire with their looks.  Sometimes you simply should add the suitable accessories and the look is perfect. We want to tell you some tips and tricks from the iconic celebrities which can help you to create an ideal look.

Some tips and tricks from famous fashionistas

All these celebrities have their own style and of course they have learnt how to look wonderful having made little effort. Follow their pieces of advice and be beautiful.

  • If you like conservative pieces of clothes you can look at Grace Kelly’s outfits who liked buttoned-up garments and combined them with trendy sunglasses.
  • Rihanna likes wearing sexy clothes. Her looks are always provocative and she adds outwear which is a size bigger. You can borrow it from the boys to make a trendy look.
  • Another style icon is Victoria Beckham. She doesn’t like wearing flats. At any situation Victoria is gorgeous. Heels can make even the most casual look luxurious. You can wear jeans and a stylish t-shirt and finish your look with beautiful fly heels.
  • Kate Moss often wears motorcycle jackets. You can make really cool outfits combining such jackets with leather pieces.
  • Audrey Hepburn looked very stylish and feminine. She also liked boyish looks but was always charming. Remember a tip from Audrey – don’t forget to apply makeup. Cat eyeliner can be the great addition to any outfit and make even casual one girlish and beautiful.
  • Iris Apfel likes playing with accessories. So copy her good habit. Find the statement accessories which will be great on their own. Such trick can help you look wonderful at any situation. Choose the rest pieces in simple cuts and neutral shades.

To be trendy and stylish, follow our tips but don’t forget about your individuality. Choose styles which you like and be yourself.

Rihanna and oversized coat