Burberry collection for the fall 2014

Geometric shapes in menswear in autumn 2014

Autumn 2014 will bring lots of wonderful trends for men. One of them is using various geometric and graphic prints. The upcoming season will be featured with splash of various colours and various details which will be necessary for the intention of classic and modern silhouettes of menswear.

Geometric prints in the men's outwear in the fall 2014

Prints in the fall 2014

As for the prints the designers have been inspired with different shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles and squares and have embodied the idea of these geometric prints into the collection for the fall 2014. Certainly the idea of using shapes is not new and last autumn we also saw lots of knitwear with geometric prints. But this year is full of freshness and different innovations – the colours have become more vivid and lots of unique shapes have appeared. There is a variety of shades. If you want you can choose achromatic or bright prints, mix them or combine with earthy warm tones.

The ways of wearing prints in the autumn 2014

  • If your wardrobe is rather minimalistic and sleek but you want to add some geometric prints to it, think over the subtle incorporation. If you like wearing button-down shirts, adding the layer with white or neutral triangles will be very delicate and at the same time modern and trendy.
  • If you are ready for the experiments, opt for the overcoats with geometrical prints. When choosing think over the colour palette. Be careful with very bright prints. They are very difficult in creating the outfits. Prints in red, white and green can add you work in the combining the looks. Neutral and earthy tones are on-trend and they can help you look perfect and stylish.
  • Combine various prints like stripes, geometric shapes, bold florals. Use different textures with the help of layering – it will create a wonderful effect. Stylish combinations of classic silhouettes, geometric prints and neutral shades will emphasize a perfect taste.

Bright geomtric prints

Sophisticated and casual pieces of clothes

  • Geometric prints are rather versatile. They can help to create various outfits from casual to sophisticated ones. For example a printed sweater is very casual but if to pair it with statement accessories and timeless colour palette it will be the element of the sophisticated look.
  • A tailored coat even if it is decorated in geometric prints, will add some elements of elegance to any look.

So, you see that prints can be used in different styles and garments. If to create new and fresh combinations of shapes and colours, your look will be more stylish and trendy than ever. Earthy brown and green, classic black and white, orange and burgundy are the key colours that can help you to look wonderful in a cold season.

Trendy combinations of geometric prints