A stylish man wearing a green coat

Green shades in menswear will be popular in Fall 2014

Everyone knows the rule that if something is totally worn it becomes very fashionable. The case is that one of the trendiest colours of the men’s fashion for fall 2014 is green. All the collections on the runways were featured with different shades of this colour – dark green of various leaves, olive, hunter green and teal. So, think about green pieces of clothes of accessories which can refresh your wardrobe and add elements of nature to it.

Trendy menswear in green shades

The trendy ways how to wear green this autumn

There are different variants you can wear such wonderful colour to look fashionable and stylish.

  • You can create a beautiful head-to-toe green look. Here you can mix various shades; two or three will be enough. Look for simple things and add minimum accessories. Also you can wear the pieces in one shade but this time add contrasting accessories like an elegant printed scarf, stylish leather belts and shoes.
  • Another outfit you can create just adding some wonderful trendy green pieces to your basic everyday wardrobe. It can be a stylish shirt, tailored pants or even a leather jacket. But if you don’t want to change your look in such a way, you can make a splash of green with the help of accessories. Add a green roomy bag or a light scarf and you will look fashionable.

Additional shades

Some people don’t like monochromic looks. There are some key shades that you can mix with one another and create wonderful colour combinations.

  • Choose dark neutrals like grey, navy or black. These colours make stylish and interesting combinations with all kinds of green shades.
  • To achieve an autumn look, mix green with earthy and rich shades of brown. These can be different patterns, prints and various accessories.
  • When the weather is hot try combining green with bright orange. This unusual combination can add some spicy and vivid elements to the dark cold days.

Burberry menswear for Autumn-Winter 2014

Green outfits can be various according to your personal preferences and style

Various trends come every season and one of the most important things is to create the looks with them taking into consideration your own style. The green trend is very good at different combinations.

  • To create an elegant style, opt for tailored blazers, slim pants and coats in green which are made of luxurious fabrics.
  • If you like casual outfits, choose green t-shirts, jeans or casual pants, green sweatshirts and leather jackets.
  • Sporty style features various bomber jackets, tees and athletic pants, trendy caps and cool sneakers.

The trendy green garments

If you want to renew your wardrobe, look for the key pieces of clothes that will be fashionable and stylish. These can be beautiful thick green knits (which you can wear as a layer in a cold nasty day), perfect green pants (they can be made of wool, denim, leather or velvet), a stylish piece of outwear (leather jackets, cozy parkas and statement coats).

Green is a wonderful colour. There is so much space for different experiments and beautiful combinations.

A model dressed in green sweater on the runway for the Fall 2014