choosing new wardrobe

How do the trends appear?

Fashion is an interesting phenomenon. Have you ever thought about the reason why such numerous trends exist? How can different designers make us dream about the same thing, the same colour palette or the same style? How can they all create a unique trend?


Fashion trends

Some people think that it’s rare evidence that all the designers create one trend or they can meet together in the same group or at the afternoon tea they discuss the upcoming season. Certainly, that is not so. There are people who should make intel on the best-selling pieces of wardrobe. That’s why we can say that the main trend maker is the consumers. Everything you buy is the step to the next trend. Bermuda shorts, folk motifs, Birkenstocks were all the trendiest garments because of your wishes and preferences.

Interim runways

People who don’t know much about fashion trends and tendencies think that the collections on the runways are not wearable and they are not pieces of clothes at all. It’s a half of the truth. The main Fashion Weeks are always very innovative and theatrical. But there are lots of runways between them which are closer to the consumers and their preferences. One of such runways is Resort, this year it is debuting.

Wearable collections

Sheila Aimette, the Vice President and Fashion Director of North American content at WGSN, says that all the fashionistas wish to see lots of new and fashionable goods in the shops. When you buy clothes which are on sale in the shops, you usually don’t see the next collection because it’s not available yet. Because such moment is for creating a great deal of various garments, which will be popular all year round. All the resort collections can make the year, they are more wearable and commercial. Designers get lots of money for their resort creations.

Trends that will be popular the upcoming seasons

Aimette thinks that there are some trends which will be worn and bought by people the whole year.

  • First of all, these are pieces that are inspired with the 70s styles: floral prints, high-waisted bottoms, A-line skirts and different blouses.
  • Another trendy piece of wardrobe is the garment of nautical style. It is represented in the sweaters and blue, white and red combinations.
  • Black and white pieces will be very popular. Such print is universal and lots of designers create their collection using it.
  • Every fashion lover wants to have a piece of clothes with two-tone dyes print in his collection. That’s why it continues to be most wearable thing. Such designers as Michael Kors and Alexander Wang use it on a white base.

Runway show