packing the luggage

How to pack things to create different outfits while travelling

Do you like travelling? It’s so amazing to see different places and to spend terrific days. But before the trip everyone should pack his luggage. Certainly, packing is not the most entertaining action you can imagine, but it’s very important. You should not forget even the least thing to feel comfortable at the unknown place. Travelling is the time when you wish to look perfect at any situation and to catch eyes of everybody. We hope that our tips how to pack things will be helpful for you in packing the luggage and creating wonderful outfits out of home.

Packing clothes

Think about your pieces of clothes as about items not the outfits

Certainly your clothes can be mixed and combined. So, think about one piece as about one item. To know how many clothes should you pack, take the quantity of the travelling days and divide them by five. This will be the number of jumpsuits or dresses. Then multiply this number by three. Here we will have the number of tops and bottoms. In the trip you will have lots of variations using these pieces. Think about the idea of the trip – if you are going to visit the restaurants, the items should be dressy.

Colour and patterns should harmonize

Opt for the matching sets. Certainly, the easiest way is to choose the basic things, but, to tell the truth, it can be boring. Think of the palette and patterns which can be combined with one another. Various prints like feminine florals or beautiful patterns can help you to create beautiful combinations.

Leave most of your accessories at home

You should have in mind that you have already one bag and a necessary pair of shoes. Add the statement footwear for different dressier occasions, casual sandals and shoes which will be perfect for walking along the beach. As for the jewels, opt for minimum which can make your look finished.

The walk to the beach doesn’t require a whole wardrobe

If you know that you won’t spend much time at the beach try not taking lots of things. One swimming suit will be enough. Other things like beach blankets, cover-up and beach sandals you can leave at home. The hotel for sure lends towels, a long tunic will be a perfect cover-up.

Discuss with your friends the items you don’t have to take with you

It’s relevant especially if you will share the room with other people. Sometimes there are communal things and you shouldn’t take most of them like tech products or tools for hair styling.

Think about souvenir shops and different situations

We can’t know everything about our vacation and sometimes the unexpected things happen. But we are not going to take all the things we own. Think about the opportunity to attend the shop to buy some interesting souvenirs to take them home.

If you follow our tips you’ll see how many unimportant things you have always taken with you while travelling. Overpacking can be safer for you but minimum things can make your journey more interesting and full of fresh emotions.

A packed suitcase