High waist pants

Some tips for wearing high waist

If to say about the hottest trends of this summer everyone will say that pants, skirts and shorts are on top now. That is the true. But we won’t speak about any certain part of the outfit now. We will speak about incredible and fashionable cut of the bottoms. We will speak about pieces with high waist. Such retro style is on-trend now and it makes the look very feminine and playful. Too tight skinnies are not the garments you need this season.

High-waisted skirts

Bottoms with high waist are on top now

The well-known stylist Jaimie Hilfiger says that the style of bottoms with high waist was very popular in 1980s, and now it has been returned by the fashion designers in their denim collections. Why is it trendy now? The stylists suppose that the main reason is that such cut is suitable for everyone. In the diversity of the fashion collection you can see many versatile variants of this cut that everyone can find the piece she likes. Old women can have more coverage and young ones can find the most stylish thing. If you are a woman of plus-size, you can find so many loose and wide-legged pieces that will be perfect for your figure. Petite women can choose this style because the bottoms with high waist can elongate the legs and make the woman look taller. But you should know the rules of wearing and combining this style to look stylish and modern.

Always choose the correct size

There is a variety of styles that can be worn too tight or loose and comfy but at the same time they all remain chic and beautiful. High-waisted style needs correct sizing and fitting. If they are too baggy they will look like the mommy’s jeans. That can be appropriate for shorts and pants. As for the skirts, a bigger size can add unnecessary volume to your bottom. If you choose a tight version it will create lots of bulges where you don’t want to have them.

Think about you top

The stylist Sara Cooper from New York says that the main tip is to combine high-waisted bottom and not bulky top. The waist area should be slim. In this case the whole outfit will look perfect.

Remember about the girls

Thea Wood insists that in addition to the bottom with high you should buy a good bra. A wonderful fitted bra can make the figure girlish and youthful. In this case the figure gets the hourglass shapes.

Height is very important

The bottoms of such style should be worn only with high heels. If you wear flats you may look a little bit frumpy and it will not look good. The bottom with high waist is a perfect chance to elongate your legs. So, avoid your flats not to create an unflattering shape.

Cinch your waist

We want to propose to you a very simple trick how to create a perfect look and to the waistline visible. Just add a stylish belt. Try different variants, darker or brighter shades and you will see how your whole look can differ. As for the pants or shorts – avoid pockets. It can help you to look tinier. Add gorgeous accessories like a cute clutch and a beautiful necklace.

Plus size women and high-waisted pieces