Jason Wu’s makeup collection of 2014

All fashionistas know Jason Wu as a wonderful designer and a creator of unique collections. He often combines various patterns, sensual florals and feminine cuts to emphasize the women’s beauty. Also he likes making experiments and all of them are successful. Jason thinks that creating only a perfect outfit without any makeup is not enough, it cannot make the wonderful look. That’s why his first makeup collection was gorgeous with lots of shimmering details and vivid colours.

Jason Wu Eye Shadow Palette Midnight Floral

Lancome makeup line by Jason Wu

Wu knows what every girl wants – luxurious materials, jewelery, velvet textures and feminine outfits. That’s why he was one of the participants who create wonderful makeup collection in collaboration with the fashion brand Lancome in 2013. The colours were rather smart and all fashion lovers wanted to apply them. That’s why this year Wu has made his second collaboration with Lancome which is marvelous.

Some thoughts of Jason Wu about his new make up collection

All his outfits on the runways look gorgeous. He uses expensive materials and beautiful cuts. The makeup always plays a big role in the whole look. This time Wu has made a wonderful makeup collection which can help all the women to feel ideal and luxurious. His love to the colours was translated into the makeup collection.

The main palette is inspired with deep fall shades. The new fashion features many floral patterns and different prints, that’s why the palette of the makeup is full of feminine rich tones which remind the woman about the beautiful autumn time.

Jason offers to change the black liquid eyeliner with the navy one. You will see the difference. The result will be incredible. Deep colour can emphasize your eyes and you will look perfect. Applying various trendy pieces can help you feel worn like you are on the runway show without much effort.

Florals are very fashionable this season. Outfits with fresh green leaves and beautiful flowers can be met almost on all the runways. Certainly such look should be worn with beautiful makeup. Green is a fresh colour. Try use this shade to look young and cute.

Wu gives an advice not to go out without the makeup. Perfect skin and pop of colours should make your day wonderful. It doesn’t matter where these colours are. These can be nails, lips or eyes.

This collection is incredible. But don’t forget about the whole look. Think of your piece of clothes and add appropriate makeup.

Jason Wu makeup