Menswear collections for Spring 2015

Menswear fashion isn’t so obvious as the women’s one. All you can see is the difference in the length, width, colours or various fabrics. Sometimes there are different prints and patterns. But, deep down, the shifts of the trends are not recognizable. Spring 2015 will bring interesting fashion tendencies which will be perfect for all the fashion lovers. Men who like suits or classic wear and fashionistas who cannot live without jeans will definitely find the pieces they like. Let’s speak about men’s fashion trends of spring 2015 which have been shown on designers’ runways and how to change your wardrobe to be fashion.

Saint Laurent collection for spring 2015

Think about rock ‘n’ roll in your heart

Saint Laurent has shown wonderful collection which has been inspired with rock ’n’ roll. You can create your own look to be stylish. Just wear tight blazer and tight dark pants. Such outfit should be a little hippie in order to be trendy.

You can mix denim and denim

Miuccia Prada has showed the combination of denim jackets and denim pants on the Prada runway for spring 2015. So, you can do the same. If it’s too adventurous for you, you can combine a pair of stylish jeans and a chambray top.

Men's jackets

A blue suit is a good idea

The Dior Home showed a new trendy colour of the suits on the runway show – blue. Grey and black ones are the past times. Now think over blue. This colour has many different mid tones and of course it will be perfect shade for suits.

Backpack can be not only a casual thing

Fendi offers a luxe backpack as a stylish accessory for men in spring 2015. If you want to create a stylish look opt for the backpacks made of leather of luxe materials.

Funny prints will be popular

Spring 2015 will not be very colourful. But it will be full of wonderful prints and patterns. Marc Jacobs has created outfits with the prints of amazing pink flamingos. Other designers have funny details, too.

Biker jackets will be on top

Lanvin has created wonderful piece for the upcoming spring – the biker jacket, which you can combine with almost everything. Such garment can make your look stylish and trendy.

Stripes will be popular

Lots of various runways from Gucci to Dior Homme offers wonderful striped pieces of clothes for the spring. You can choose any outfit like striped pants or blazers, striped t-shirts or even suits. This trend is very popular now and next season it will not lose its availability.

Tom Ford Spring Summer 2015 Menswear

Jeans are on-trend

Tom Ford usually creates luxurious suits which are very expensive and not everyone can buy them. For the spring 2015 he has created the gorgeous denim collection. All the pieces are perfect. Ford offers to pair the jeans with the silk jackets.

Casual look

If you don’t like jeans and want to find something alternative, look for the rolled-up pants. They can help you look casual and feel comfortable.