The shirt as a peplum

New ways of creating trendy looks

Many of us don’t need any compliments or excited exclamations about our appearance. But when people who have a wonderful sense of style very stylish and attractive mention that they are fond of the ways we wear our clothes, make colour combinations, layer tops or belt our jackets, we begin smiling and glowing a little brighter. It’s so cool to get dressed in a different way and to create interesting and not usual outfits.

Sheer dress over an obvious bra

Our life is very interesting because we all are different. We love different clothes, arts, time spending, arts and etc. It’s the spice of the life. Variety can make our world brighter, happier and more beautiful. Today we want to give several tips to those people who want to make their life funnier and to wear clothes in unusual way and to look stylish and trendy.

Wear bustier over the shirt

Combining shirts with ordinary pieces like jeans or pants can make y our look interesting and unique. To add some fresh notes and some sex appeal wear a strapless bustier over it.

Wear a voluminous miniskirt over your dress

To make a trendy and fresh look wear your favourite miniskirt over the dress. It can make a colourblocking effect and at the same time the long piece of fabric underneath can look marvelous and can help to create an incredible outlook.

Cuffs can change your look

It’s very trendy to turn cuffing your new boyfriend jeans but this time try another trick. Instead of multi-cuffing make a crisp fold to create a crop that is exact above the ankle.

A shirt which has the function of peplum

To tell the truth this idea is not new at all. People has been creating their looks with the help of tying around the waist shirts for a long time. But nobody ever thinks about this outfit as about the trendy look. But if to create a right combination, the shirt-as-peplum style can make an accent on your waist and add some grunge elements to your outfit. If the temperature is lower, for example, in the evening, you will have something warm.

The piece buttoned on top

If you want to look stylish and fresh, try a new trend – buttoned-on-top garment. It can be any piece of layering – a windbreaker, a beautiful jacket or a blazer. Such way can make your look new and unusual.

Wear clothes which make your bra obvious

Certainly such look is not suitable as an office wear and not for special events. It’s a perfect look for meeting with friends and walking along the beach. Wear a sheer dress over a risky bra to make the outfit of the next fashion level.

Jewelry that doesn’t match

Everyone likes different matching sets which make our look gorgeous. But if you want to add some funny and fresh details to your look, think about mismatched accessories. Rings, necklaces and studs can be incongruous to create a trendy look.

A bustier over the shirt