Resort 2015 collection

Several tips from Resort 2015

Collections by fashion designers from Resort 2015 have brought lots of new trends and styles. People who love and follow fashion tendencies from different continents create their own outfits having been inspired with new ideas. We want to tell you some styling tips how to look wonderful and trendy using new tendencies from the Resort 2015 fashion week.

Resort 2015 styling tip - sneakers with everything

Tie a shirt or a long-sleeved top round the waist

It will make a wonderful and layered look especially if this garment will be of the same shade as other pieces of clothes. Don’t make knots in order to create an effortless look, just tie the piece.

Mix metallic and pastels

This combination can be wonderful. They make each other complemented. Be attentive while creating mixtures – cool shades need silver while warm colours would look perfect with gold. For example if you wear pink, opt for a rose gold. Purple or blue will be ideal with silver.

Wrinkles are not the items to be worried about

For the summer period look for lightweight fabrics like denim or linen. This summer is the season of feminine clothes. Opt for the fancy works and embellishments. If you want to wear separates (which are on-trend this season), try the combine the same colour.

Beautiful feminine dresses can be paired with masculine footwear

Not to look too sweet wearing a girly dress, balance it with the help of masculine shoes in neutral shades. This outfit doesn’t need other accessories.

Sport sneakers are universal footwear

Do you like sneakers? If you do, this season is just for you. Sporty sneakers can be worn with any ensemble – it can be a skirt, a dress or stylish pants. To make the look perfect, seek for the feminine details and clean elements.

Add accessories to your swimwear outfit

Create a wonderful look by dressing up the swimming suit and piling on gold jewelry. Add some bracelets on the arms or a beautiful necklace to finish the look. Choose shaped pieces to make the look clean.

Pair a blouse with an open lace piece

Lace garments can make any look feminine and trendy. To wear open-work lace pieces of clothes in the daytime pair it with a crisp blouse. This trick will add some classic elements to the whole look. Look for the blouse with simple and clean lines. Image it as a blank white piece of papers for making various decorations.

Pumps can create the illusion of long legs

Wear long trousers with the pumps of the same shade. You can hide the trim with this trick which can help to make your legs look longer.

Stripes continue being on top

You can create a trendy outfit mixing striped pieces. Stripes can go in different directions and be paired with other prints like florals or different patterns.

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