Simple hairstyles for busy women

Simple hairstyles for busy women

Every day you spend lots of time making different variations of hairstyles to look fresh and stylish. Sometimes they are not difficult, but other days you can spend hours creating the masterpieces with the hair. Such manipulations are not a problem, if you have spare time. But when you hurry and don’t have even 5 or 10 minutes to create a difficult hairstyle, try these easy tricks, which are simple enough, but look perfect. Lots of stars make their hairstyles themselves if they don’t have much time. We want to give you some tips and tricks how to look beautiful and not to make much effort.

A ponytail

Create a top knot

It’s very easy. But, for sure, it also can look very chic. To create such a look, take your hair and pull it into a ponytail. After that, wrap hair round the base and pin it into the place. Jennifer Lopez likes this hairstyle and she often makes it when appearing on the red carpet on the red carpet.

A beautiful low braid

This hairstyle is perfect for the women who don’t have any time at all. Tease your hair in order to add an extra volume and create a braid at the low side. This is a favourite style of Sophia Bush. It’s very cute and universal.

Twist the hair back

Mandy Moore often makes an easy hairstyle with the help of the twist or a pin for her meetings. Try doing the same and you’ll look different.

A low ponytail is perfect

To create a side ponytail, it takes you just a few minutes. Beyonce is a famous celebrity. But she always makes it herself with the help of the long bang which should be curled round the finger, adds hairspray and looks wonderful all day long.

Volume is not always wanted

Sometimes the hair begins living with its own life. In this case, you can coexist with it. To reject the unnecessary volume create a deep part in the center and them pull the ringlets behind your ears. This is a favourite style of Ashley Greene.

Braid is the base in creating a cute girlish look

Kristen Stewart pulls her hair back and makes and a simple braid from time to time. This look is very feminine and soft.

As you see all these manipulations with your hair won’t take you lots of time. But all of them are so easy that every day you can look different without much effort. These tricks are perfect even for the famous women. For sure celebrities have their own stylists and follow their pieces of advice. But sometimes, when they have very little time, they create wonderful hairstyles with their own hands. wonderful hairstyles with their own hands. Follow their tips and tricks, make different variations of the hairstyles and keep your head beautiful.

A low braid