boyfriend jeans

Some tips of combining various shoes with the boyfriend jeans

We all know that boy jeans are on-trendy this season. Everyone thought that it was a passing style but to tell the truth, you can meet this trend everywhere. It’s really the “it” jeans style of the season. The boy jeans are absolutely universal and for sure they are more comfortable than jeggings or skinnies.

Boyfriend jeans on the catwalks

You can pair them with different crop tops or casual blazers to create a trendy look. The best thing in the boyfriend jeans is the fact that they are almost as comfortable as the pajamas. So you should know what footwear to choose to look stylish, not like having worn a loungewear. Here are some tips and tricks how to choose the right shoes for various situations wearing boy jeans.


Sneakers are on top this season. Fashion brands offer trainers in various colours and with lots of beautiful or funny prints. Fashion bloggers make the combination with everything from pants to stylish dresses. Boy jeans and trainers is an amazing mixture. It can blend comfort, minimum effort and beauty together. Opt for your favourite colours and brands. Keep in mind trendy palettes and patterns.

Beautiful heels

If you want to wear your boyfriend jeans for a going out at night, pair them with trendy heels. They come out in various shade and you can choose any you prefer. Metallic, nude or black sandals can make your boy jeans one of the most wearable piece for the night-out time. Add some accessories and you will look perfect.

Beautifully adorned flats

If you don’t like heels, we have wonderful news for you – the dressy flats were very popular on the catwalks for the season spring and summer 2014. Pair your trendy boy jeans with beautiful feminine footwear with jewel embellishments, wear an amazing top and feel yourself magnificent in a warm summery day.

A girl wearing boyfriend jeans and trainers

Chunky boots

This footwear is for the fashionistas who don’t like girlish looks. Complete your boy geans with casual and tough chunky boots. They are not only for the winter. In summer they are stuck around too. If to wear heels in Chelsea style they can elongate your legs while wearing boy jeans.


Everyone likes this strange and ugly footwear. They are so comfortable and on-trend this summer. This season Birkenstocks can be met in different colours and shades. If you want to add some luxe, opt for the metallic shades. In the combination with the trendy boyfriend jeans these shoes will look wonderful.

Every day can bring us different events and emotions. Choose the shoes taking into an account your feelings, actions and upcoming events. Boy jeans will look in a different way according to the situation and with the help of different combinations.