Summer office footwear

All people know that summer is the season when the dwellers of megalopolises are languid with the heat and lack of fresh air. Especially it concerns people who should spend much time at the working place wearing classical pieces of clothes which are usually closed enough. Therefore people try to substitute the thick materials for the lighter ones.

Office footwear

Luckily, in the variety of fashionable trendy pieces you can find many rather conservative clothes which are suitable for hot summer days and you can use them at the office if you have a wish. These can be midis or miniskirts, tops with spaghetti straps and various sheer elements. Footwear is still a problem. Here we want to tell you some useful tips and tricks for the people who are eager to wear open-toed shoes to the workplace.

The flip flops which are made of rubber

You shouldn’t wear it the office or to any other workplace in any case. It is of little consequence how expensive it is. Even if there are lots of different embellishments on the rubber flip flops, you should wear them only to the pool party, to the swimming pool or to the beach side.

The flip flops which are made of leather

Such footwear can maybe be worn to the workplace. But it is only if there is a casual setting. Or, if you are a big chief and want to give a little rest to your feet. But if you are an intern or just begin your step up the promotion ladder, save your favourite leather flip flops for the weekend or for the meeting with your friends.

The Birkenstock footwear

This footwear is very trendy this season. Many celebrities wear these ugly shoes. But can it be possible to wear them to the workplace? Maybe, it depends on different situations. Here you have thick straps and they look rather professional, so sometimes you can put them on.

The sandals with straps

This footwear is definitely made specifically for the office. A little heel and beautiful straps create a wonderful dressy look. And they can let you feel fresh breath in the office when the weather is hot.

The sandals with heels

They look classy and beautiful at the same time. You can wear heels almost everywhere. But avoid the prom footwear. Leave it for the party or something like that. The prom shoes are not appropriate for the work place.

The platform sandals

It’s very trendy now. Certainly, they can be perfect in the working place. This footwear is very comfortable. You can run around all day long without feeling to be ready to drop off the feet with weariness like you feel wearing high heels or stilettos.

Certainly only you can choose your perfect shoes. But remember about our rules and try to follow them if you want to be successful and stylish.

Rubber flip flops