a lightweight scarf in summer

Tips of combining summer outfits

Summer is a moody season. The temperature can be very high and in several hours everything changes and it becomes raining. Another problem is that majority of the daytime you spend withindoors like shops, restaurants, bars, museums and restaurants which are air-conditioned, while the rest of time you are languid with the heat. We want to offer you some solutions of the most common problems in combining outfits in summer.

Outside is very hot while inside is rather cool

We all know that with the beginning of the heat wave all the air conditioners become working on full-blast. And if you leave home wearing a light sleeveless top you can freeze when getting to your working place. What to do? Keep a beautiful scarf or a shawl near your desk. You can cover your shoulders and legs if the temperature is low. Opt for the patterns and shades which can fit any outfit. Another solution is to take a light cardigan. It can keep you from appearing the goose bumps in the office. Light material and the 3/4 length-sleeve will be perfect.

Summer footwear with straps

Footwear which is appropriate for the office

When everything is languid with the heat people want to wear flip flops not to think about heels and hick soles. In this case you can wear sandals, wedges or breathable flats. Opt for the lightweight fabrics and perforated materials. Your feet should breathe when the weather is hot.

Summer dresses which don’t flaunt the straps of the bra

The motto of summer pieces of clothes is “less is best”. Sometimes it can be a real problem of finding the beautiful summer dress without the necessity to buy a new bra. The straps are usually so thin. There are companies like Modcloth or LL Bean which offer wonderful summer dresses with thick straps. They all are very cute and are made of natural materials like cotton or linen. Such dresses will show your shoulders but not your bra straps. The styles are often structured and the bras are completely covered.

You don’t want to show your legs

There are can be different causes for such a decision – they can be pale or not a good form. You may not be in the mood if showing them. What is the trick here? You should opt for the lightweight and breathable materials like cotton, linen and silk. Choose long skirts or fitted pants. Combine them with magnificent tanks, blouses or bright tees. Finish your look with stylish heels (if you want to look a little dressier) or sandals (for creating a casual look).

All the challenges can be overcome. There is no bad weather or season. Think of our tips when creating your outfits.

Shirt dresses by LL Bean