Beach wavy hair

Trendy beach hair

Every fashionista is inspired with different style muses. If you like the style of such celebrities as Kate Hudson, Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth, Mary Kate Olsen or Erin Wasson, you certainly know that the common feature in their perfect look is the wonderful beach hair style. You can meet this look not only at the swimming pool. Wavy hair is on top now. You can see natural waves almost everywhere: from the runways on the fashion shows to the streets of the cities and the beach. Girls with any hair type can do such style themselves with a little effort. There are some tips and tricks how to look cool and stylish this summer.

Beach hair style

Curly hair

  • Casey Green, hair pro, advises her clients to use a spray with sea salt every day in order to make their hair look great. This tip will be ideal for the fashion lovers who are lucky to have wavy hair. But remember that the salt and the sun dry your hair out. So don’t forget about conditioning treatment every week. Such trick can help you to keep your hair from damage and make it look incredible.
  • A fashion hairstylist of such magazines as “Cosmopolitan’ and “Elle” Jonathan Mason has given some tips how to add your hair extra hold. After showering and applying your spray with sea salt twist your hair into a bun. They dry it and let down. You will look excellent.
  • If you already have dry hair, add some moisturizing cream. Johnny Lavoy, the stylist of Lady GaGa and Cindy Crawford says that you shouldn’t manipulate your hair while it is drying. The main reason is that the wave patterns will be damaged and the hair won’t look stylish. So, what to do? You should wait till the hair dries and then make a little massage to the scalp. Then make curls with the hands or curling irons.
  • Another trick from Lavoy is smoothing the existing curls. You can use your favourite cream or other products that can help you make the waves natural and avoid frizzing.

Straight hair

  • The owners of the straight hair also want to look perfect and stylish. Jonathan Mason gives you a little tip. If you have little time you can make five hair sections when your hair is still wet and braid them. Then dry your hair using low power and unravel your braids. The texture of the hair will be perfect and similar to the natural waves.
  • If you have enough time, make some braids before going to sleep. In the morning, after unravelling them, you will have loose magnificent waves.
  • To fix the waves, straight hair needs a surf spray. After applying scrunch your hair with the help of your fingertips. Then make waves with the curling wand. Remember that you should keep the ends of your hair straight to make a trendy look.

You see that such style is not very difficult to make yourself having any hair type. You will feel perfect in any situation this summer. Just make a minimum effort.

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