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Tropical print in summer

Summer is the season when everyone wants to try something new. It’s the time to look fresh and bright. There are so many things that every fashionistas wants to wear this summer – lace shorts, sheer outfits, fringe, various floral patterns, white flats and so on.

Tropical print dresses

Tropical prints are trendy now

Another wonderful trend to try is tropical prints. Tropical pieces are really on top because a lot of celebrities choose this print for their outfits. So you should work these pieces into your summer wardrobe. It’s even difficult to say if it is the bright print but it’s for sure full of summer feelings and fresh emotions. Palm tree and wonderful flowers print is relaxed, fun and chic. You can feel yourself near the beach even walking along the city. Celebrities like Rashida Jones, Lupita Nyong’o and Lena Dunham like this style very much and give you some tips and tricks how to look stylish wearing pieces with tropical prints.

Lupita Nyong’o

Some tips and tricks how to wear tropical prints

  1. Short feminine and playful garments. Summer is such a wonderful season. So you should have a pleasure even choosing your clothes. Opt for short flirty dresses, simple skirts and incredible sky-high shorts. Tropical print can add some extra excitement even to the super short hem line. Nyong’o’s Fausto Puglisi frock is one of the examples. Such outfit is relaxed, that’s why leave you high heels and gorgeous wedges and wear beautiful sandals or amazing flats.
  2. Mixing of the prints. Don’t avoid other prints. Certainly, tropical print is very attractive but don’t limit the imagination. Combine tropical print with other ones in a similar colour palette. Complete the look with incredible but neutral accessories not to get clashing prints.
  3. In the evening combine tropical print with full skirt. Tropical print can add fun elements to the whole look. But when it is worn with full-length pieces it can be the part of serious style. It can be a floor-length maxi dress or a gorgeous full skirt. copy the style of Jones at the Golden Globes 2014. Pull your hair back in order to keep the people’s attention to the print and use one of the bold colours for your lipstick.
  4. Various hues according to the mood. We used to see bright shades like orange, pink, green, yellow and so on, when thought tropical prints. But this season there are also darker hues to create more sophisticated look. As for the outfits, look for rompers or voluminous dresses, add beautiful heels and have a pleasant time.

To look stylish and trendy this summer try various styles, even which are not habitual for you. Make experiments and mix styles and colours. Tropical prints can raise your mood and even when the weather is rainy your optimistic summer outfits can remind everybody about sunny days.

Tropical prints in summer