A beautiful necklace

Types of necklaces

Everyone knows that accessories can add some gorgeous features to any look. Wearing different necklaces you should think about the proportions and the balance to look stylish but not provocative (if you haven’t meant to). Such accessory can make any dull look chic and beautiful. In the variety of styles you can distinguish several types of necklaces. We want to describe the possible variations and to give you some tips how to wear them.

Strapless statement necklace

Classic necklaces

You know that necklaces can be very different. The word “necklace” names various forms and types of rings around the neck. They are similar to the beads. Classic forms are adorned with jewelry, like diamonds and pearls and made with precious metals like silver or gold. There are collar types of necklaces which cover the neckline and chokers, which are a little tighter. These forms will look gorgeous with the classy evening gowns-l and they can make other women jealous at any party.

Adornment in the central part

This necklace can be of various types and forms. The common feature is the adornment in the central part. They can be very flexible with different elements which are concentrated in the center. This kind of necklace is more casual and can be worn to the walk around the city or the dinner with friends.


These are beautiful accessories which are suspended from the silk tread (also velvet can be used) or a metallic chain. They can be made of different materials such as ceramic, metal, rubber, wood and etc. As for the forms, they also can be different. Medallions are very trendy this season, you can hide an important tiny thing inside or a memorable photo.


These are the oldest and the most popular accessories in the whole world. Long ago people used different everyday things like wood or pearls (if they lived near the sea and could get them) for making the beads. Nowadays there is a big variety of materials like glass, wood, plastic, jewels and others. Beads can be cheap and very expensive but all of them are very beautiful and can adorn all the outfits.


Usually they are made of precise metals like gold, platinum and silver. Also you can meet cheaper alternatives which are silver-plated or gold-plated. You should know that the smaller rings are trendier now and they look more stylish. This accessory is very tiny, it can be a beautiful detail of the whole look.


It’s the accessory which is the alternative chains and beads. Cameos can be fastened on a velvet ribbon. All the elements of the cameos are catchy.

Before going out think about your accessories, remember Coco Chanel who gave a piece of advice that the jewelry should be made of precise metals. In other cases take it to the minimum.

Celebrities wearing necklace