A bag carryinh like a clutch

Various styling tips from the runways 2014

Runway shows always bring new trends and tendencies which becomes very popular among the fashion lovers from different countries. We want to tell you several styling tips from the fashion runways 2014.

If you have a satchel, carry it clutch style

Straps are not always useful. Sometimes they can be applied for decorating. And in summer everyone wants to show off the shoulders or the beautifully adorned top at that time while carrying a large bag. Keep your handbag like a clutch to create a sophisticated look. Let the straps swing without any clipping.

Bandeau can be worn under the sheer top

Crop tops are trendy now. But not everyone is going to wear them. We want to offer you a good solution – put on the bandeau or a crop top under a sheer blouse or a cami.

Skirts and layers

Layering can make the look feminine, sexy and playful. Wear a long breezy skirt with a beautiful hem. Then top off this piece with a shorter pencil skirt. You can use this idea as the opportunity to make experiments with a pop of colour.

Shirts buttoned at top

The handbag can be carried under the blazer

If you want to create an unexpected look, carry our bag with shoulder straps under your jacket. It can evoke a trendy effortless look.

Sheer layers are perfect for summer

Lightweight materials work wonderful when the weather is very hot. Separates and airy layers will help to create perfect summertime outfits.

Jewelry and embellishments can be matched

Adornment of your clothes will look prettier and more composed if you will match it with jewelry-like details. The runways for this year offer many combinations of such embellishments.

Button your shirt or blouse at the very top

Such way will help you to show your beautiful crop top and be trendy. The buttoned at collar-level top is a perfect outfit for anytime activities from day to night. Alexander Wang has shown the extreme variation of this look. For sure, you can do it as you prefer.

Combine various prints

Mixing prints is such a pleasure. Try doing it. No matter they are graphic, floral or delicate. The main key is that there should be one common colour found in both prints. If two or three shades will coincide, there will be a real charm.

A sleeveless blazer will look cute with a crop top

Crop tops are now everywhere. This playful outfit can be more sophisticated when pairing with the sleeveless blazer.

A shift dress can be worn over a sleeveless tank

This way of wearing the tops is rather unexpected. Usually we wear dresses and then layer it with a blazer or a cardigan. This time we offer you to behave other way. Wear a beautiful tank and then wear a dress which is not revealing for the office.

All these fashion tips and tricks are very fresh and unexpected. They all have come from the runway shows. You can try any of them to look trendy and fashionable.

Combinations of various prints