Elle Strauss

Elle Strauss tells about new fashion trends for the fall 2014

The summer, unfortunately, is not endless. The seasons change each other and fashionistas begin thinking about their upcoming wardrobe. Certainly everyone has the basic things like boots or favourite sweaters in the big containers in the closet but every year we buy something new to look trendy, fashionable and stylish. So, what pieces should you add to the wardrobe to look fresh and beautiful this season? A fashion director of Shopbop, Elle Strauss, gives some tips what pieces to pick up to look perfect at the beginning of the fall.

Orange pieces of clothes

This shade will be very popular in autumn. It’s like a new black. Various accessories in orange can be a wonderful addition to the autumn look. If you are ready for experiments, opt for an orange coat. Prada, Marni, Issey Miyake, Carven, Chloe, Gucci, Dior and many other fashion designers and brands offer pieces in different shades of orange – from citrus juicy shades to rusts and bricks in their collections. This colour can make any even dull day bright and full of pleasant moments.

Women wearing orange pieces

Knee high boots

This trend can move us to the 60s. Buying such footwear for the upcoming season will be a great of money. Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Tom Ford, Chanel and many others brands have offered wonderful high boots of different shades for the fall. The autumn is the season of prints, textures and patterns. High boots are not the exempt. Opt for the textured or printed boots of basic colours to create a trendy look. If you are not ready for such changes, look for high boots in neutral tones and pair them with the bright printed piece of clothes.

Various bags of military or utility style

They can be strap shoulder bags or backpacks which are created in the variety of sizes and shapes. Alexander Wang offers an incredible backpack of neon yellow which is very cute and practical. The bright colour will remind you about summertime great time.

Chunky knitwear

Fall 2014 is featured with oversized knitted pieces. Sweaters, dresses, turtlenecksand knitted skirts are very warm and comfortable. In the beginning of the autumn look for the sleeveless knitwear which can be worn with bare hands when it is warm and with a layer under it if the weather becomes chilly. Roomy knits have been presented in the collections of many fashion designers. Phoebe Philo, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Helmut Lang, Derek Lam, Michael Kors and many others have created wonderful oversized knitwear of various proportions with different prints and patterns. They are very chic and glamorous.

Knee-high boots


Elle Strauss says that if Chanel starts creating sneakers and showing them on the runways it is really a big trend. You can have a break from the heels. Fashion designers officially have named sneakers the footwear of the upcoming autumn. Various models which are made of different materials from cotton to luxurious leather can suit any outfits. Edun, Chanel, DKNY Marc by Marc Jacobs and other brands have shown wonderful models of this footwear.

Overalls and jumpsuits

Strauss likes these cute pieces. Jumpsuits are on top again. There is a variety of styles in the shops now. Opt for skinny-legged variants and pair them with bright comfortable turtlenecks. In the fall choose earthy warm colours. Western look is very popular, so try combining various details like fringe, high knees boots and leather fabrics.

Cropped pants

Elle says that this style is on trend in summer and when the autumn comes this trend will continue hanging around. Tailored cropped pants with a sportswear relaxed vibe will fit you perfect on cold days. Designers like Robert Rodriguez, Missoni, Prada and others offer cropped pants from lose to structured, tailored or skinny. You can choose what you prefer.

Blanket coats are the trend of the fall 2014

Midi skirts

In summer the fashionistas choose skirts which hit down to the knee. Elle says that in autumn everything will differ. The skirts become a little bit longer to the midcalf of the leg. Such length can help create a polished and stylish look. Chunky knitwear which is also trendy in autumn will be a perfect addition to this piece. Add playful accessories to create a sophisticated look. Opt for bright colours.

Blanket coats

The runways for the upcoming fall were full of wonderful coats and other outwear. The Burberry has created blanket coats which look like shawls. Cara Delevigne, Kate Moss and Olivia Palermo are the celebrities who have worn the Burberry’s blanket coat on the catwalks. Such shawl is very comfortable and universal. Asos, Topshop, Marks&Spencer are great alternatives for those who are fond of this item. Such ponchos are made of wool and created in red, yellow and blue patterns. When the weather is cool you can pair it with jeans and a stylish top. Blanket coats are very practical and stylish. They are really the top item of the autumn.

Think about the pieces for the cold months now. Create various outfits taking into the consideration all the tips and tricks of different fashion stylists. Comfort and beauty are the two basic principles which can help you to look perfect in autumn.