Burberry collection for SS2015

London collections for men in SS2015

Summer 2014 is coming up to the finish line. It is still hot and wonderful outside, we spend marvelous days and nights, but, to tell the truth, we are planning the next season. Today we want to talk about trendy menswear for spring and summer 2015. Is it interesting for you to know everything about the pieces you will your wardrobe next summer? We will take a look at the key collections and trends for the next season which have been presented on the runways in the United Kingdom.

Bright collection by Katie Eary

Influences of Latino Culture

It’s the biggest tendency of the next season. In summer everybody was looking at Brazil when 2014 FIFA World Cup was on. Certainly, it couldn’t get past the world of fashion and design.

  • Collection ‘La Cantina’ by Hentsch Man has been inspired by the beautiful evening of Latin America. Various colourful shirts, beautiful panama hats and the elements of favelas have been the key items of Alexia Hentsch, a Brazilian designer.
  • Katie Eary has created a mixture of Latino and a cowboy theme. It features Texan scarves and jackets, cacti Mexican prints and simple moccasin shoes. Katie has used bright appliques and hippie motifs.  Kitschy patches and denim materials help in creation groovy spirit on the runway. The collection of Katie Eary has turned out very energetic and fun.
  • A. Sauvage has also used elements of the Latin culture in the new collection. A vintage postage stamp print, which is inspired by Cuban culture, has looked wonderful.
  • The collection of Topman Design is influenced by the traditions of Mexico and Cuba. You can meet here leather biker jackets with fringes and various shirts with Cuban collars. Western boots add Latino elements to the whole fashion line. Also beautiful floral prints, flared denim and T-shirts with different youthful messages and logos create amazing leisurewear.

Helicopters and jets in Christopher Raeburn's collection

Jungle motifs

It seems that SS2015 will be the season of floral prints and patterns. Botanical elements have been met across different pieces for men in many London collections. There have been a lot of bright blooms and various exotic leaves on the outfits. The oversized forms have also been almost in all the fashion collections.

  • Hunter Gather has created relaxed-fit shirts with cute leaf and daisy patterns. This feature adds an air of relax, light-heartedness and beauty to the summer collection. Topman design offers amazing jumpers and tops with delicate daisy patterns. Lots of yellow flowers and nature motifs add the psychedelic elements of 1970s to the collection.
  • A.Sauvage has presented fashion line consisting of the pieces with tropical leaf and various jungle flowers prints. The collection is full of exotic prints, patterns and bright flowers but it is also brings the feeling of the urban jungle.
  • Hentsch Man also has used foliage print on different garments, like shorts, bombers or even trousers. It is done in a very delicate way to contrast the base colour of the pieces and to create more statement look.
  • Dunhill, a fashion British brand, is well-known for its wonderful and polished formal wear. This time the designers has added floral prints to the collection. You can see Aloha shirts with foliage prints and swim shorts with seaweed patterns. The line has been titled “Escape” and the name emphasizes the theme.

Almost all the designers on their runways used the elements of jungle or floral prints. To create a trendy outfit, opt for the safari style pieces and mix them with the foliage printed garments.

New age warriors in the collection of KTZ

The mixture of blue and green

Green and blue are dominating colours across various collections for SS2015. The shades are so different. You can see khaki, jade green, aquamarine, blue and many others. Designers often mix close shades to create a unique colours. For example, Hunter Gather has created wonderful combination – trousers of sky blue and light green, cute bombers of mid-blue colour.

  • Burberry has added vintage green, aqua and various shades of olive to the basic colours of the collection. The designers have been inspired by the famous English writer Bruce Chatwin when creating beautiful accessories, trenches and other trendy pieces in the assemblage.
  • Dunhill has used green shades from olive to dark green sheen in the summer collection. Olive trenches and incredible trousers with green sheen finish will be very popular among fashion lovers.

 The warriors of new age

The theme of various wars and conflicts is certainly cannot be ignored. That is why many designers use different warriors’ elements in their collections.

  • The collection of KTZ has featured various prints of traditional battle scenes of Ancient Greek. On the runways the models were dressed in gladiator helmets and Samurai vests. Also they have had armor and shields.
  • Christopher Raeburn has added graphic prints of fighter jets, bombs and helicopters to the collection of the tees, tops and even outwear.
  • Maharishi shows the conflicts of Afghanistan and Vietnam, using camouflage prints with traditional geometric motifs of the Middle East.

London runway shows always ring something new and creative to the traditional collections. Create your future summer looks using our tips and paying attention to the new tendencies.