A man wearing bracelets

Men’s accessories for the hot months of 2014

Summer is not a simple time for men who like dressy outfits. In autumn and winter you there is a variety of textures and layers which can help in creating different outfits. In summer there is little space for creativity. Certainly you can wear classic shirts or t-shirts pairing with the shorts. But this combination will soon become boring. The solution is, as usual, in details. When the temperature is high, for sure you cannot change your outfit with different layers or trendy blazers, but you can create a unique look with the help of stylish accessories. Let’s speak about the trendiest accessories of the summer 2014.

A man wearing neckerchief


This accessory can add some elements to bohemian style to the simple mixture of a linen or cotton shirt and tailored shorts. To create the finished look, roll up the sleeves of the shirt, two or three buttons leave undone. As for the footwear, opt for the suede loafers, which are on top this season. Neckerchief can be a wonderful and fresh alternative to a classic tie. To feel comfort choose cotton versions of the neckers instead of silk ones.


Fortunately, men have begun thinking that jewelry is the necessary element of the modern man wardrobe. Bracelets have the leading positions in this innovative tendency. They are rather easy to be worn and pulled off. Besides this accessory can add a bit of personality to the whole look. To create a contemporary look, opt for the bracelets which are nautical-inspired. The rope bracelets which have the anchor fastenings will look masculine and stylish. Another variant is the bracelet with women, leather or metal. It’s rather versatile and can look good with the casual t-shirt and shorts or jeans combination as well with an everyday suit.

Bucket hats by Burberry

Bucket hats

This accessory has returned from the 1990s. Many designers used bucket hats in their fashion collections on the runway shows for the summer 2014. Choose neutral shades and avoid bold colours or bright prints. Pair this accessory with any casual look but remember that it doesn’t fit everyone. Think about your style and the shape of your face. Don’t wear accessories blindly.

Trendy sunglasses

Sunglasses remain one if the most popular accessory. Cool shapes like waytarer, aviator and clubmaster are still popular this season. But also D-frames and round shapes are on top. Lens can be of different colours, from yellow to various gradient fades. But be attentive. Choose statement lens or frame, both are not suitable.

Accessories can make your look more masculine and trendy. Your personality is the most important. That’s why don’t follow all the tips blindly. Think about your own style and preferences.

Trendy sunglasses