Striped outfits

This summer stripes are on-trend

Striped prints are on top this summer. You can meet them almost everywhere. Fashion designers include such print into their fashion collections. This sailor-chic print can raise your mood and can help you to create various stylish summertime looks. But still so many women think that this print is not suitable for them. There is a firm conviction among different fashion lovers that stripes can make any figure shape seem bigger and wider. However, this print can make any outfit flattering (if styled correctly) and always on-trend. We want to tell you some styling tips how to wear and to mix striped pieces of clothes to look beautiful but not bulky.

The collection of striped pieces in summer 2014

Look for the garments with vertical stripes

Almost all people think that the horizontal stripes create the illusion of much wider and bigger torso while vertical stripes elongate the torso and make any look taller and thinner. It’s not unreasonable. So, if you want to look slenderer and a little taller, opt for a top with vertical stripes. It can be paired with jeans or block coloured pants. Another variant is a basic top with striped trousers. Certainly, the stripes should be vertical.

When choosing the stripes do it wisely

Everything depends on your preferences and wishes. When you choose the piece of clothes pay attention to where the stripes are placed. In order to make the boyish figure more feminine creating the illusion of curves and bigger hips or bust, opt for the horizontal stripes. If you want to hide the problem areas, look for the pieces with diagonal or vertical stripes. In this case horizontal stripes should be avoided.

The stripes width can vary

Horizontal stripes can be different in the width. If to choose the same width stripes, the flattering will be not so obvious as in case if to choose different widths (thin and thick).

Add various panels

In case you are sure that the stripes don’t suit you because they can make you look bigger, apply a little trick. Add a side panel with the help of the colour-blocking jacket, cardigan or blazer. Dark shade will create the illusion of the slim silhouette and elongate your body shape.

Break up the stripes

In case you like head-to-toe striped outfits, add a thick bright belt at your waist to make your look more elegant and thinner.

Don’t be scared of different prints. They are effective if you are eager to create an amazing outfit which will be stylish and fresh. Stripes can emphasize your good sides and hide your problem areas. Just follow our tips and look beautiful.

Stripes in the runways