A girl wearing trendy golden jewelry

Trendy jewels for the fall 2014

Every day choosing various accessories to finish our looks we think about the fashion and trends. Fall 2014 is the season of the novel accessory. Jewels have turned out more creative and unique. This season becomes the time of look-changers and it offers different pieces of jewelry for any taste. There are so many various options that you can become confused when choosing the perfect item to look gorgeous. We want to tell you about the most popular jewels trends for the fall 2014.

Different rings, beautiful chains and jewels with mystical motifs can catch an eye of everyone. Using jewelry can help you in expressing your inner self and your thoughts, especially this season, when the motifs and types go far from the typical expression of creativeness. This time the designers have been inspired by mysticism, anthropology, western tendencies and bohemian style.  Let’s have a look at the trendy jewelry, various motifs and themes which will be popular in the autumn 2014.

Women wearing floral necklaces

Jewelry of Neo-bohemian style

This year you can see the bohemian influences on different items almost everywhere. Bohemian style shows the beauty of the past, proud heritage and the feeling of spiritualism. As soon as the weather becomes cooler and you wear chunky and comfortable knits, put on beautiful rings and chains, golden chokers and various arm cuffs. To create the bohemian trend, opt for interesting and remarkable designs which have a unique history or which are handcrafted in a noticeable way. You can layer the jewels in cute chaos or, if you want to create a more statement look, wear them separately.

Mystical tendency and symbols

In the fall 2014 you will find lots of chic jewelry which features different mystical symbols like  devil eyes, crystal skulls and various pendants. They all are inspired by magical symbolism and mysticism. Look for the antique metal or semi-precious gems, gold and silver. Create your own story with your accessories; add mystical elements with your jewels. Certainly, try combining various pieces, which can something common and be sure you know what they all symbolize. This can be traditional historical design of the certain region or an item of ancient art. Any outfit in combination with such jewelry has to tell a mysterious story this autumn.

A single earring looks stylish

Western influences

As you know, the cowboy style continues exercising the influence over the choice of the pieces of clothes and different fashion items. This trend is on top. Certainly, there is no surprise that its impact on the jewelry shape and jewelry items will also take place in the autumn 2014. On the runways in the collections of many fashion designers, there have been many various ties with denim lapis gems, which take inspiration in western style. Western style is very versatile. Look for double stick collars, jewelry made of antique silver. This trend is impossible not to like. What else can you add to create a cowboy look? Opt for cowboy boots, leather pieces, hats with wide brims, items with fringed details. Accessorize the outfit with the jewelry and be beautiful.

Floral motifs

The tendency of using botanical element has already been popular for a couple of seasons. In spring we could see many flowery prints and jewelry themes. They were full of nostalgia and wildness. The botanical motifs were untrimmed and oversized. In the fall 2014 the attitude toward the florals has changed. The motifs become more wearable and contemporary. Designers propose various accessories using various bunches and blooms. You can see orchid brooches and 3-D jewels. Floral necklaces are also on top this season. They add special charm to the whole outfit. Wearing floral jewels women can feel themselves queens.

One earring is enough

The tendency of wearing only one earring has been seen in the collections of famous fashion designers like Proenza Schouler, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci and Celine. The singular earrings are very remarkable and they are unusual. They can be of different designs and influenced by various styles but their length is always to the shoulder. Usually such oversized earring is adorned with details like rings or feathers. Try this trend to create a modern look.

Bracelets are wonderful accessories

Key styles in jewels for the fall 2014

  • Jewels like other items can be trendy or not. To be fashionable this season opt for:
  • Stacking rings, which can be of various shapes and sizes, to be put on all five fingers of your hand;
  • Silver or golden chokers, which are finished with little delicate arrow drops. Also they can be adorned with Swarovski crystals in order to balance the masculine style;
  • Intricate bohemian influenced hand-pieces, usually with finger chains;
  • Beautiful pendants with mystical symbols, being made of black rhodium or silver;
  • Cuffs with gold threads. Fringing jewels look sophisticated;
  • Various necklaces with bright stones or adorned with floral details.

 Jewels can help you look wonderful and sophisticated at any situation. Creating your outfits don’t forget about them.