Stylish jackets for cool days in summer 2014

To be honest, women have lots of various opportunities to change their outfits with fabulous pieces and layers. They have so many capsule garments which can make them look unique and beautiful. Different sheer layers, fancy work and embellishment change the dull look. Unfortunately, men’s clothes only now begin recreating in different variations. We can see many shades and prints, cuts and fits. Extra layers can give many variants of the outfits for the men who want to looks stylish and creative and not wear only a usual boring man’s set – a top, bottoms (jeans, pants or shorts) and shoes. Let’s speak about summer jackets for men. Are there any alternatives? What top layer is on trend this summer?

Jackets in fashion collections

In summer weather is usually very unpredictable. Rain, wind and cool temperature are not rare. So summer jackets are must-haves not only as a layer for creating a cute outfit, but also a piece of clothes which can save you from terrible weather conditions. Fashion designers pay great attention to the fits, cuts, fabrics and design of this garment to make it stylish and beautiful. They mix fabrics, create new advanced stitches, add various collars and sleeves.

Summer 2014 is the season of active elegance. The jackets have become much richer and thinner. Luxurious leather details are often used. Such designers as Fendi, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Gucci, Prada, Lanvin, Kenzo, Etro, Salvatore Ferragamo and other fashion brands offer great jackets for the summer 2014.

Lots of designers from Marc Jacobs, Prada and Gucci to Fay or J. Crew offer summer jackets of unstructured design with various patch pockets. These top layers can be double-breasted or single. This season is featured with casual flair.

As for the trendy colours, think about blue and green. Green army jackets by Jack Spade or Gucci are one of the perfect top layers for summertime period. They are suitable both as a stylish part of a casual outfit for a Sunday dinner and as an office wear. To create a casual look wear the jacket open without buttoning it up. Blue is also the colour of summer. There are very many different shades like muted slate, robin’s egg, seersucker and royal blue. They look wonderful with jeans and khaki or grey chinos.

Light bomber jackets

Bomber jackets with various prints

Various prints and patterns are dominating menswear this year. A perfect choice for this summer will be a fashionable printed bomber. It can make any outfit look fresh and trendy. What prints are popular? There is a variety of choices. You can choose from geometric or Hawaiian prints to tie-die or camouflage.

For the men who want versatile looks, neutral colours will be more preferable. To create trendy outfits wearing classic and simple items think about the mixture of patterns. For example, combine a printed navy bomber with tobacco chinos and white polo shirt. Finish the look with navy loafers.

Bombers with camo prints can be paired with classic indigo jeans and a grey tee. Tan or beige boots will be a perfect addition. When choosing prints think about their longevity. Classic prints like checks or stripes will be on-trend for a long time bur Aztec patterns or various animal prints have only several seasons to wear.

If you want to choose something less provoking, opt for the styles with printed sleeves. Such trick will make the piece easier to wear and to combine.

Bomber jackets with various prints

The shacket

This piece is thicker than any shirts but at the same time it’s not a jacket yet. It is somewhere between two of is very universal and can be worn with almost any outfit. Dress it over your shirt, tees or polos, combining with jeans or pants to finish the look. The shackets are often made with denim or cotton twill. Such overshirts are very durable and can be used for some seasons. For a classic look, put on a camo shacket with a dressy white shirt and beige chinos. To make the look finished wear stylish loafers.

Windbreakers are perfect jackets

The windbreaker

This piece is very traditional and every year it can keep you from windy and cool weather. This summer to be trendy and fashionable, opt for vibrant colours. They can be green, bright yellow, petrol blue or red. The key reason of such choice is to become really noticeable from the crowd, not to blend in it.

Choose pieces with minimal design, bright colour is enough to stand out. The trendy windbreaker should be just a simple jacket, bright and very lightweight without too many pockets, zips or pull cords.

Windbreakers look wonderful when combined with athletic or sports pieces. Pair you jacket with white top, white chinos and white leather sneakers to create a white-on-white trendy look. If you have chosen a yellow version of windbreaker, pair it with navy chinos and a stylish polo to make a smart-casual outfit.


You see that there is a variety of lightweight jackets for summer and early autumn period. You can choose any cut, colour and style you prefer, classic or alternative variants and create incredible and trendy outfits every day.