Military style

Military style is on top in the fall 2014

The autumn usually surprises us with different trends, styles and materials. This season features warm and earthy shades, which are naturally blended with the autumn nature colours. The military style is very interesting and can be one of the most noteworthy trend of the upcoming season.

Main characteristics of the military style

Wearing the men-like pieces of clothes, women want to solve the constant problems of contrast between men and women. The influences of masculine styles is perfect for emphasizing the feminine silhouettes and materials of the garments. What are the main features of this army style? They are combat jackets, various overalls with military and camouflage prints, army-inspired heavy footwear and masculine looks. As for the palette, choose khaki, brown, olive and grey colours.

Military style on the runways

The ways of wearing army-inspired garments

The trend is very versatile and universal.  It is suitable for the women of all ages. You can see many military-inspired pieces in the wardrobes of fashionistas and fashion bloggers. You can mix different styles and to look wonderful and feminine. For example, wear a beautiful long dress with floral prints and pair it with a combat jacket and heavy boots. This perfect look will be the mixture of the masculine and feminine features. Mix the items in styles like grunge, hipster or punk with the army-inspired pieces and the outfit will look natural and stylish.

In order not to seem monotonous and boring, create various mixtures of colours. To the specialized events like a rock concert or bikers’ party, you can use the military details while creating a modern and stylish outfit. Beautiful trendy accessories also play a key part in the creating of the military style outfit. Metallic details like golden and silver buttons, belts, zippers and shoulder straps can help you to look army-inspired. But be careful. Don’t use too many military elements in one outfit. It’s perfect for the costumes’ parties but not for a stylish wear. Baggy garments are also not ideal for the military-inspired look.

Youthful military style pieces

Army-inspired pieces of clothes from the designer runways for the Fall 2014

Olivier Rousteing has created a mixture of crispy-constructed peplum and a cropped casual jacket. Preen has offered a wonderful wool coat with shoulder straps. Emilio Pucci has been inspired by fighter pilots and has created the whole collection using the elements and prints, which are suitable for the military style. Peter Dundas proposes full collar bomber jackets. Many designers create their collections using the main principles of the military style like strict silhouettes, big pockets and structured tailoring. There are cargo pants and khaki shirts and jackets almost in all the collections. Balmain has mashed up safari and military style. The collection has turned out fearless and fierce with large amount of khaki green shades. The items show strength and braveness. Isabel Marant has offered belted, high-waisted, lace-up and loose-fitting pants, which are very trendy and stylish. We can say they are perfect for the everyday troopers this season.Calvin Klein has combined a long military-inspired green coat with combat boots to create the command outfit and to attract attention to this chic trend.  Preen offers oversized tops with shoulder straps in dark green shades. If you want to try something new, these tops will be perfect for starting of wearing the military style clothes.

Military inspired beautiful outfits

Main styles in the military-inspired fashion

Military fashion can be different and the fashionistas know that there are some directions in the army-inspired styles. Let’s see all of them.

Festive army-inspired style

The main things are strict forms and lines. The garments have strictly ordered details and buttons. Various elements like epaulettes, shoulder straps and brushes are also present.

Casual military outfits

This style direction features with camouflage prints and various monotone textures, which are made in khaki or green shades. The traditional pieces of clothes in this style are military pants of simple forms, various T-shirts or even shirts with outer pockets and lapels.

High-military style

Such direction copies the army style absolutely. You can meet here high collars, strict lines, all buttoned coats and khaki or brown shades. But modern fabrics like satin, silk and feminine details like belts, ties and silk ribbon can also be met.

Youthful army-inspired style

It can move us to the hippies times. The details, which you can see here, are borrowed from different other styles like grunge or vintage. Simple cuts and khaki shades make the pieces of this fashion direction perfect for young fashionistas.

Military style is on top this fall. Try combine it with more feminine tendencies and you will catch everyone’s eyes.

The video of the military style collections for the fall/winter 2014/2015 on the runways