Some pieces of advice from the New York Fashion Week

Do you know that New York is the main city in the fashion world? During runway shows in this city, we learn out about new fashion trends, styles and tendencies for the next seasons. All the fashionistas are always eager to be present at all the runways here.  The most influential fashion designers from the whole world highlight their new incredible collections and invite-only visitors can see them. All the others have the opportunity to see these catwalks only by means of the live broadcasting or various videos. Now we want to say that New York Fashion Week has already begun. It is a very excitement time. You will see a huge amount of gorgeous outfits, famous designers, fashion bloggers and different celebrities. We all want to see the presentations for Spring and Summer 2015.

White shirts

Military women walked like models at the beginning of the the runway shows at the New York Fashion Week

Usually celebrities and models dominate everyone’s attention at the fashion shows. Certainly, this attention is not for the new fashion collections. However, this year we have seen a newbie in the famous Lincoln Center. A dozen of military women of different sizes, ages and ethnicities were honored to take part in the fashion show. They all were very beautiful with all the models’ treatment like makeup, hair and incredible gowns from American designers like Calvin Klein and DKNY. Such gesture was made to show the true and transformative power of beautiful clothes and to pay tribute to the courage military women who defend and fight for their countries. We should remember that women should always be beautiful women and they can do everything to protect their families from the disasters.

Belts as a fashion accessory

First trends that come from the biggest and the most well-known Fashion Week

Certainly, it is early to speak about the spring and summer trends because the New York Fashion Week has recently started (on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014). Nevertheless, there are some tendencies, which we want to tell you.

  1. For example, it is a white button-up shirt. Do you have any in your closet? If not yet, you can buy it at any store like Zara, Gap or Target because it can work with almost any outfit and at any situation. You can wear the white button-up shirt in many ways:
  • keep your garment casual adding a trendy denim vest or a stylish leather jacket;
  • layer the button-up with bright playful sweaters to add pretty flair elements to the outfit;
  • create unexpected combinations adding a feminine jumpsuit or a little dress;
  • change and modify your pieces, adding sheering and various patterns.

Many fashion designers have used white button-ups in their collections. That’s why we can say that such shirt will be a trendy piece in the upcoming season. Moreover, white will be the new black. There have been lots of white outfits. For the first day of the fashion week Rihanna wore a fabulous white dress from Adam Selman’s spring collection. Rachel Wang, an editor of a fashion market, was also dressed in white pieces head-to-toe.

  1. 3-D prints will also be popular in spring and summer 2015. Rebecca Minkoffs, a fashion designer, has proposed lots of various outfits with stylish eye-popping 3-D prints. If you like such trend think about the garments.
  2. Another trend is dirty nails. Certainly, they are not dirty, but the lacquers’ palette for the spring is very unusual. Louboutin offers olive-green shades, the models at Prabal Gurung and at Peter Som wore dusty and dark nails, So, spring pastels will not be popular – say good-bye to them.
  3. The clothes become suitable both for women and men. The style unisex will be on-trend. Shirts will be one of the most popular item of the spring and summer.

 Matching sets

Designers and their creative collections

Usually all the designers know how to toy with our dreams and our hearts. It’s so difficult to wait for several months to wear the pieces from the new collections. So, now we will tell you about the trends from the New York Fashion Week which can be adapted for the wearing right now.

  • Alexander Wang knows that sneakers are on top and he has created top and dresses using prints of Adidas’ Sam Smiths and Nike’s Flyknits.  Such prints will be very popular and you can use them even now.
  • Jason Wu proposes to add a skinny sleek belt to everything from the gown to the waistcoat in order to create a feminine hourglass silhouette.
  • Tibi has added Japanese elements like obi belts or kimono-like cuts to the traditional outwear.
  • Prabal Gurung proposes beautiful matching sets for the spring 2015. He adds luxurious textures and fancy cuts.
  • Tanya Taylor thinks that orange will be the new black and has created the new collection on all the shades of this bright colour.
  • Tia Cibani thinks that dip-dye treatment will be trendy and proposes classic silhouettes like shifts and vests using this technique.

Next season for sure will be very bright and beautiful. The first catwalk runways in New York has proved this statement. We are eager to see other collections and new trends for the spring and summer. And, certainly, we will tell you about new tendencies and fashion ideas.

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